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Dominick Cruz, His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Dominick Cruz, His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Dominick Cruz?

Dominick “The Dominator” Cruz is an American professional Mixed Martial Artist who competes in the UFC and is a former two-time UFC Bantamweight champion and is considered one of, if not the best Bantamweight in UFC history. 

What this article covers:

On top of being a competitor, Dominick Cruz is also a part of the UFC’s commentary team, calling several events for the world’s biggest MMA promotion. 

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Dominick Cruz started his journey in martial arts when he started wrestling in the seventh grade. Dominick Cruz continued to train and compete in wrestling throughout his time in high school until he suffered an injury in his senior year that took him out of the sport and also robbed him of a scholarship to wrestle at the University of Northern Colorado.

Dominick Cruz then opted out of going into post-secondary education and was working as a customer service representative at a hardware store and was studying to become a firefighter before he began training in MMA.

Dominick Cruz turned pro in MMA in 2005 competing in shows like Rage in the Cage and Total Combat where he built up an undefeated record of 9 and 0 before joining the WEC. Dominick Cruz then made his debut for WEC facing off against Uriah Faber for the WEC Featherweight belt at WEC 26. 

This would be where Dominick Cruz would suffer his first loss, losing to Faber by guillotine submission in the first round. Cruz would then move down to the Bantamweight division and go on a tear, winning and becoming the last person to hold the WEC Bantamweight title. Cruz would then go on to become the first UFC Bantamweight champ after the WEC was absorbed by the UFC. 

From there Cruz would go on to defend the title but injuries would take away most of his competitive prime and even his title. Cruz then made a comeback to the sport in 2016 where he won back the belt he never lost from TJ Dillashaw via a split decision. Cruz then went on to defeat Uriah Faber in a trilogy fight to defend the belt before losing it to Cody Garbrant. 

Something Cruz is well known for now is the Dominick Cruz fighting style, that style benign the unique way that he fights, prioritizing elusive and tricky footwork. This style makes Dominick Cruz one of the most unpredictable fighters in MMA history, with his opponents not being able to tell what direction he is going or what move he is going to do next. This made Dominick Cruz one of the most dominant bantamweights in the sport’s history with most of his opponents being unable to land some if any, solid strikes on him. 

How Old is Dominick Cruz

Dominick Cruz was born on March 9, 1985, in San Diego, California. This makes him 37 years old at the time of writing. 

Dominick Cruz Family

Dominick Cruz’s mother raised him and his brother as a single mother alongside Cruz’s grandmother as he was growing up. 

How Much is Dominick Cruz Worth?

Dominick Cruz’s net worth as of 2022 is estimated to be approximately $2.5 Million US dollars 

How Tall is Dominick Cruz

Dominick Cruz stands at 5’8” or 1.73m 

What is Dominick Cruz’s Reach? 

Dominick Cruz has a reach of 68 inches or 173 cm. 

How Much Does Dominick Cruz Weigh?

Dominick Cruz is most well known for competing in the Bantamweight division (135 pounds or 61kgs) but he has also competed at featherweight and lightweight. 

Dominick Cruz Fight List

Dominick Cruz’s professional MMA fight list starts in January of 2005 when he made his Rage in the Cage debut. Cruz would have his first 6 fights in that promotion, winning all of those matches with four of those wins coming by TKO. Curz then debuted at Total Combat 15 and won his next three matches. Cruz then suffered his first-ever loss to Uriah Faber in a title fight for the WEC featherweight belt in his promotional debut. 

After that loss Cruz would go on a massive tear, winning his next 13 fights, including getting two wins over Uriah Faber, during that time he would win both the WEC and UFC Bantamweight belts. Cruz even went on to regain his UFC bantamweight strap after he was forced to drop it due to inactivity caused by injuries. 

Cruz would then lose the belt to Cody Garbrant by a unanimous decision. Cruz then lost again to Henry Cejudo by TKO in a fight for the Bantamweight belt, but Cruz argued against the stoppage calling it early by the ref. 

Dominick Cruz then went on to have two non-title fights winning both by decision before facing off against Marlon Vera at UFC on ESPN: Vera vs. Cruz. Cruz lost this match by head-kick KO in the fourth round. 

Dominick Cruz's Best Fight of All Time

Dominick Cruz’s best fight is widely considered to be his comeback match for the UFC bantamweight title against TJ Dillashaw. The context behind this fight is a big part of the reason why. That was because Dominick Cruz had suffered from a long string of injuries that kept him out of competition for the first half of the 2010s. 

Cruz was also now fighting to get a belt back that he never actually lost, against at the time protege of his long-time rival, Uriah Faber. The match was a close back and forth fight with both Cruz and Dillashaw having similarly strange and elusive styles. 

Eventually, the fight went all five rounds and went to a judge's decision. The judges narrowly ruled the fight in favour of Cruz with the Dominator winning his belt back via a split decision. 

Who Did Dominick Cruz Lose to?

Dominick Cruz losses are fairly rare but he has suffered a few during his long career in MMA. Dominick Cruz has lost to four people during his professional MMA career, those people being, in order, Uriah Faber, Cody Garbrant, Henry Cejudo and Marlon Vera. 

What is Dominick Cruz's Record

Dominick Cruz’s official pro-MMA record has a total of 28 fights. Out of those 28 matches, Cruz has 24 wins and 4 losses. This gives Dominick Cruz a total win percentage of 85 percent. 

What Titles Has Dominick Cruz Held 

Dominick Cruz has held the Total Combat Lightweight Championship, Total Combat Featherweight Championship, WEC Bantamweight Championship and UFC Bantamweight Championship.

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Has Dominick Cruz Had Any Serious Injuries?

Dominick Cruz has had his professional sports career haunted by many injuries that took him out of most of his prime years. These include an early injury that robbed him of a university scholarship in high school. 

Cruz has also suffered from several ACL tears, Groin tears and other injuries. 

Is Dominick Cruz Retired?

Since he has been in the game so long, you might ask yourself is Dominick Cruz retired from professional competition? The answer at the time of writing is no, Dominick Cruz has not retired from competition and had his most recent fight at UFC on ESPN: Vera vs. Cruz against Marlon Vera where he lost in the fourth round by KO.

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