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Jimmy McNally: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Jimmy McNally: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Jimmy McNally?

Jimmy “Gentleman Jim” McNally is an American boxer and boxing coach. By the end of his professional career in 1983, he held the title of the 17th ranked light-heavyweight in the world. He currently owns his own gym, Jim McNally Boxing, in North Reading, Massachusetts. He trains both amateur and professional boxers. He has most notably trained John Ruiz who won the WBC Heavyweight Championship of the World. 

What this article covers:

Jimmy McNally was exposed to boxing by his father, Bernie McNally, who was the New England Heavyweight Champion. Jimmy’s amateur boxing career started in 1973 and he would transition into professional boxing in 1977. During his amateur career, he had represented the United States in competitions against England, Canada, and Yugoslavia. 

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Jimmy Mcnally age

Jimmy McNally previously worked for law enforcement at the Wilmington Police Department in 1980. He would go on to work for the United States Secret Service as a Special Agent out of Boston. McNally was tasked with protecting Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. He recounts also being assigned to protecting Margaret Thatcher, Helmet Khol, and Corazon Aquino. He would move on to work as a Special Agent for the Bureau of Alchohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Jim would retire from law enforcement at the age of 57. 

Jimmy McNally was elected into the Massachussets Boxing Hall of Fame in 1988.

How Old is Jimmy McNally?

Jimmy McNally’s age or birthday has yet to be stated on any internet page.

Jimmy McNally’s Family

Jimmy McNally’s mother was Ann (O’Keefe) McNally and his father was Bernie McNally. Bernie McNally was also a professional boxer, once holding the title of New England Heavyweight Champion during both his amateur and professional years. Bernie holds a professional boxing record of 32 wins and 2 losses. After retiring from the boxing ring, he would go on to train both professional and amateur boxers. Jim McNally also had one brother, Patrick McNally and a sister, Maureen. Patrick passed away in May 2015. 

Ann McNally passed away in April 2003 and Bernie McNally passed away in April 1977. 

Jimmy McNally is married to Wendie McNally. 

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Jimmy Mcnally weight

How Much is Jimmy McNally Worth?

Jimmy McNally has not made his networth public. 

How Tall is Jimmy McNally?

There is no public record of Jimmy McNally’s height. 

How Much Does Jimmy McNally Weigh? 

During Jimmy McNally’s last professional fight, he weighed in at 175 pounds. The date of the weigh in was November 11, 1981.

Jimmy McNally’s Fight List

During Jimmy McNally’s amateur career he amassed the titles of:

  • Heavyweight Semi-Finalist at the New England Golden Gloves (1973)
  • New England Golden Gloves Heavyweight Champion (1974)
  • New England AAU Heavyweight Champion at Boston Garden (1975)
  • Heavyweight Divsion Silver Medalist at the International Youth Games (1976) (Lost Gold to split division against Tony Tubbs)
  • New England Golden Gloves light-heavyweight Champion (1977)

Under professional contract, Jimmy McNally fought 20 professional fights. He won 19 of his fights. During this time he fought in places such as the Civic Center in Providence, The Cape Cod Coliseum in South Yarmouth, and multiple of the Wonderland Ballrooms. His amazing and prolific career ended due to an injury sustained during a car accident. 

Jimmy McNally's Best Fight of All Time

Jimmy McNally’s most beloved and talked about fight was against a man named Renaldo Olivera. The match took place in 1980. Olivera wanted a second chance against McNally, having lost to him previously. The match is remembered as being a fierce back and forth between the two men. It is said that after a tough first couple rounds, McNally got a “second wind” that would ultimately lead to his victory. 

Who Did Jimmy McNally Lose To?

During Jimmy McNally’s professional career, he only ever lost to Freddie Boynton. The fight took place on November 28, 1979 at the Recreation Center in West New York. McNally lost by TKO in the third round. 

Jimmy McNally’s Record

Jimmy McNally ended his amateur boxing career with an impressive 61 won matches and 7 losses. During his professional career he won 19 times and lost 1 time. 

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Jimmy Mcnally bio

Jimmy McNally’s Injuries

Jimmy McNally experienced a life changing car accident that would result in two elbow operations. This accident would be the ending of his competitive boxing career. 

Is Jimmy McNally Retired?

Jimmy McNally retired from competitive boxing in 1983. He would move on from competing to coaching. He currently coaches both amateur and professional boxers now. Some of his competitors have accrued titles such as WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World. Jimmy McNally is currently coaching out his own gym in Massachusetts, Jim McNally Boxing gym.

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