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A Fundamental Breakdown Of The Tomahawk Series With Carlos Condit

A Fundamental Breakdown Of The Tomahawk Series With Carlos Condit


The more you drill combinations, the easier they will come when sparring or fighting. One of the best feelings one can have is when a combination is so etched into your mind, you are able to become creative and start building and diversifying it.

A particularly popular technique is rolling under body shots. The body shot is at times underestimated because it's more difficult to see the damage as you would with a shot to the face, but do not be mistaken of their damage. The rolling body shots are popular because they have the potential to add so much momentum to your counter. Not to mention they just look smooth.

When you catch a good shot off of a counter, it has the potential to set up a great opportunity to land a well thought out combination. This is why extensively drilling these types of counter combinations are important, so it becomes second nature in the moment.

In this video, Carlos Condit gives a fundamental breakdown of the Tomahawk Series, which includes building a combination off of a slip and roll counter. Check it out below!


To begin the combination, Carlos first slips a straight right and then rolls under a left hook. Carlos explains that when you roll the hook, it is important that you bend at the knees and not at the waist. By bending at the waist you would be leaning forward with your head and leaving yourself open in a very vulnerable position. After you change your level, keep your stance in a combat ready position by taking a step to the outside and letting your other foot follow, always staying in your stance.

Drill the slip and roll a handful of times before you move on in the combination to ensure you have the proper movements down. Now Carlos begins to add the first punch of the combination, which is a left hook to the body at the same time you are rolling. This is a great touch to add onto your combination as it is taking full advantage of your momentum, and it gives your opponent something to be distracted by as you get ready for your next strike.


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After you roll and deliver the left hook to the body, you should notice that your right hand is loaded up. While this would be a solid strike to throw, it is also very predictable. The key to effective combinations is the ability to be creative and versatile; giving your opponent what they don't see coming. Rather than throwing a straight right, Carlos reloads his left hand and comes in with a left hook to the head. From here he has now reloaded his right arm again, and comes in to finish with a powerful straight right to the head.

Carlos explains that he really likes this combination because it is sneaky and quick. He also explains that he does not necessarily need to put a ton of power on it because he can have good accuracy since his partner has already been beat on the flank and he can land the strike right on his partner's jaw.

After you roll your partner's hook and land your hook to the body, you have beaten your partner to the angle and there is a chance he is going to bail and step back to try and create space for himself. This still puts you in a great position because now your partner is at the end of your punches.

Much of fighting is about anticipation and predictability. When you have the ability to anticipate what your partner is going to throw, it gives you much quicker reaction time to respond. The more you drill combinations such as these, the better your technique and effectiveness will be in a live situation.

Carlos became a professional mixed martial artist at the age of 18, and won his first fight via a rear naked choke submission in less than a minute during his fighting debut. Carlos continued to win and progress his career until he made his debut in WEC 25, where he again won by a first round rear naked choke submission.

Carlos made the move to the UFC in 2009, and has since claimed the titles of Interim UFC Welterweight Champion, Fight of the Night 5 times, Knockout of the Night 2 times, and more. Carlos has fought some of the biggest names such as Rory MacDonald, Matt Brown, Tyron Woodley, and became only the second man to knock down Georges St-Pierre in the UFC with a head kick.

Included in his instructional, Carlos covers cross blocking, layering ranges, 3 big ways to win with a liver kick, clinch work, and so much more. Carlos has made a name for himself with his impressive technique and successful fighting career, and he is here to share his success with you.

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