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All You Need To Know About Defending Strikes By Aladino Rodriguez And Isidoro Alice

All You Need To Know About Defending Strikes By Aladino Rodriguez And Isidoro Alice


 All striking martial arts have the same elements, offense, defense and counter offense. If you're a martial artist who wants to have a good offense then you need to understand the principles behind having good defenses. Learning a vast array of different ways to defend incoming strikes, is an extremely important part of becoming a great fighter. 

Having a good defense is more than just blocking a punch, It’s when you have the ability to make the correct decisions in the heat of the moment. Knowing when to block instead of parry, or slip instead of block these are fundamentals you need to learn so you can be the best striker you can be. 

That’s why Dynamic Striking has brought Olympic boxing coaches Isidoro Alice and Aladino Rodriguez to show us the fundamentals of defending punches. In this video they go over some really basic blocks and movements that will help your striking game considerably.

Who Are Isidoro Alice And Aladino Rodriguez?

Isidoro Alice and Aladino Rodriguez are famous Cuban boxing coaches, they are well known for producing over 15 Olympic champions and World champions in boxing. They have expert knowledge to share about the fundamentals of striking, so get on board and check out their videos!

Check Out The Video Below On Defending Strikes!


Blocking The Jab!

The first technique in this video is a very basic defense but it can be very effective. As your opponent throws the left jab towards your face you must be ready to block with the palm of your right hand. Make sure that you don’t block too early by reaching out with your palm, instead keep your palm next to your chin and intercept your opponent’s punch when it crosses the midline of your most extended arm. This is the most important defense in boxing according to Isadoro, and now you have a perfect opportunity to throw a counter strike back at your opponent.

Deflecting The Jab!

The second technique we are shown is a deflection of the jab, or otherwise known as a parry. This technique is very similar to the first one, making it a very easy and subtle change to be able to master. This time when your opponent throws the left jab, you use your left hand to parry the jab to your inside. You can also switch this up by using your right hand to parry the jab, just make sure to deflect the jab to the outside. An important detail to remember is to aim for your opponent’s wrist when you parry, if you parry too far up your opponent’s arm it will have little effect. Now you are starting to change the angle on your opponent, making your strikes even more deadly. 

Slipping The Punch!

This movement is an important skill to master and one that can give you an incredible position to counter strike. Make sure that when the jab comes in, you start your rotation from the shoulders and you keep your eyes on your opponent at all times. Your hands are still up in case you get clipped by the punch, then as you rotate your shoulders you lean to the side of your opponent’s punch. This will create an opportunity for you to catch your opponent off guard and attack them with an extreme amount of rotation on your counter strike.

Isidoro and Aladino show other defenses like stepping backwards, leaning backwards, blocking punches with both elbows and even more high risk defenses like pivoting your body around toward your opponent’s power hand. Like most techniques we learn, you have to master them because there are always elements of risks attached. 

To make these defenses work you need to be composed, you need to use great footwork and expert timing, Utilise fast head movements and have the ability to make the right choice in a split second. These principles will make sense and get a lot easier as you master them in the gym!

Learn More About Expert Defenses From Isidoro Alice And Aladino Rodriguez! 

If you liked these defensive maneuvers From these two Olympic Boxing coaches Isidoro and Aladino and you want to further your expertise in defending strikes, then check out their series Cuban Boxing Fundamentals by Rodriguez and Nicolas Available exclusively on Dynamic Striking!