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Keep Your Compsure With Next Level Tips From Jean Charles Skarbowsky

Keep Your Compsure With Next Level Tips From Jean Charles Skarbowsky


Maintaining composure and calmness in a fight goes a long way and can be the determining factor in someone badly losing a fight or winning it with ease and control.  Here in this video Muay Thai world champion Jean Charles Skarbowsky explains how to remain calm in a fight. Using an example of one of his Muay Thai fights

Who Is Jean Charles Skarbowsky?

Jean Charles Skarbowsky is a three times Muay Thai world champion. In Muay Thai rules he is considered one of the best foreign fighters to fight in Thailand. He is also known for his appearance on the ultimate fighter with George st Pierre where he did technical sparring and outclassed everyone with ease even being drunk/hungover.


Jean Charles Skarbowsky has an example of a fight where he was tensed up. He said he tensed up when he fought against a Thai opponent. He felt tense and loaded on his back leg which made him stuck and not being able to check kicks. As he felt later in time contemplating why he lost the fight. Jean Charles felt that if he would have been more on the front leg it would have been easier to lift his back leg up in order to check his opponent's left round kick to the body properly. Instead he kept eating them on the arms. Especially since Thai rules favor leg checks rather than arm blocks. 

Skarbowsky goes to explain that  he didn't know why he was so locked and loaded on the rear leg. He figured out it was because he was ready to cork that right hand and was thinking too much about the knockout and anticipating knocking out his opponent with the one big right hand. In Jean Charles' opinion, in order to beat the Thai style you have to use power,high pace, and heavy punches in bunches because they are more technical and more efficient with their kicks. That might have worked to his detriment though as he brings up his fight with Kumset. Jean Charles wanted the knockout so he was tense as opposed to being composed and relaxed, using technique and seeing the kicks coming.

Why It's Dangerous To Hunt For A Knockout

When you are tense and thinking about the knockout.  Your legs will engage and your base will be low and closer to the ground with knees bent. If you get angry and emotional when someone hits you you will become a predictable fighter. If you become predictable then you will be easy to read and the opponent will be in a better less harmful situation to time the counter.

Fighting someone who is Angry and only looking for the knockout becomes easier than someone who is skilled and patient, And to do their mission and follow the game plan. According to Skarbowsky if you get too emotional and throw too many hard punches without reading pretty much just wanting violence and seeing blood. If the opponent is wiser, smarter, and has technique they will eventually elbow you and cut you open. 

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