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Easily Set Up A Head Kick With Marlon Moraes

Easily Set Up A Head Kick With Marlon Moraes

Who doesn’t love it when they get to see a good head kick land? Head kick knockouts are great for both fighters and for the audience. For the crowd, since head kick knockouts aren’t very common, they get to see a rare knockout that are usually pretty fan pleasing. For fighters it’s a great thing to put on their highlight reel and it will definitely help keep that fighter in the mind of the fans. 

Another nice thing for fighters is that if a head like lands clean and there’s decent technique and power behind it, then there's a good chance that it will end the fight right there. The problem is that most fighters know this but they don’t know how to properly set up the head kick. This usually means that fighters will end up just throwing a ton of head kicks that don’t land well because of a bad or even no set up. 

That’s why in our new video series we have a top UFC fighter who is known for his kicks to show us how.

In this video, UFC fighter Marlon Moraes goes over how you can set up a devastating head kick knockout.   

Who Is Marlon Moraes 

Marlon Moraes is a UFC fighter who competes in the promotions bantamweight division. He is a long time member of the division’s top 10 and he’s competed for the division's title and even has a win over MMA great Jose Aldo. He is well known for his savage striking, especially when it comes to his kicks. 

Easy Head Kick Set Up 


The video starts off with Marlon Moraes talking about how the head kick is a really good option for you if you want to knock out your opponent, provided that it is legal in your sport. 

The set up that Marlon shows in the video is very basic. The main thing that you want to do when you’re throwing a head kick is make sure that your opponent isn’t able to block it. Even if your opponent's hand is the only thing in the way, it will really stop you from landing your kick flush, which is what you want. 

What Marlon shows is that you can actually take advantage of your opponent’s defense to help clear the way for you to kick. If you find that your opponent likes to parry your straight punches as their main defense, you can exploit this. 

To start, you are going to throw a standard one two combination. If your opponent is in the same stance as you, after they parry your two, their head should be wide open for your rear leg head kick. 

This is because they just reached out to parry your punch. This means that it’s not there to block your kick. Make sure that you throw the kick quickly after throwing your rear hand to make sure you can capitalize on this opening. 

Learn More From Marlon Moraes 

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