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Ground And Pound Details From Guard With Jared Gordon

Ground And Pound Details From Guard With Jared Gordon

Ground and pound is a unique skill seen primarily in MMA, developed in the early UFC’s used by wrestlers who wanted to use strikes against grounded opponents. But it is not that easy to strike against a grounded opponent; most Fighters have a decent ground game. In addition, having a complete connection between the two athletes restricts movement and makes throwing strikes much more difficult.

Fighters developed systems that can deal with this problem, as they were thinking of positions in MMA differently than in Bjj; holding position and controlling the opponent while landing strikes was the goal.Other than Just doing damage, fighters use ground and pound to keep the dominant position, keep an opponent thinking and neutralize him from trying submissions as he needs to keep himself safe on the mat.

When we think about striking on the ground, we need to consider the level of our opponent on the ground. This will dictate how we will work and how much space we are willing to give our opponent so we can strike. If he is good on the ground, we will be much tighter and think about keeping the dominant position with no risks.

 We also need to understand that we have different positions we can strike from: side control, half guard, standing, and even from the back; the situation we are in will dictate how we will work.


In this video, Jared Gordon will show us how to use strikes from the guard position.


Who Is Jared Gordon?

Jared is an American MMA fighter in the UFC; he has won multiple championships in smaller organizations before signing with the UFC, and he is a brown belt in BJJ under the great John Danahar. Nowadays, Jared is mostly training in Sanford MMA, where he prepares for his fights.

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How To Strike From Guard

Jared starts the video by telling us that the type of takedown we will use will determine our land position. Still, against experienced fighters who understand the ground game, we will find that the defensive player usually retains full guard no matter the situation we landed.

The closed guard gives the impression of safety for many fighters on the ground, but this is not always the case in MMA, as there are many escape options from side control and half guard using under hooks into standing position instead of just retaining closed guard.

First, we need to understand that our opponent has three options inside full guard:

  • Submissions and Sweeps
  • Getting up
  • Holding the upper back to break posture


My goal as the top player after we land in guard is to keep “short arms” (elbows tight), constantly follow his hips so he is always in front of me and never gets an angle; if I don't follow his hips all the opportunities for submissions and sweeps will open up.

Jared continues and tells us that to hold a fresh man we need to have 4-6 points of contact using:

  • hands
  • elbows
  • thighs
  • head


When we are inside the closed guard our spines will usually begin aligned, in this position, our opponent is mobile and powerful, so as the top player, it is my responsibility to control his chin line, shoulder line and twist his spine.

To understand the idea behind twisting the spine, Jared gives us the example of a bench press - when you are lying straight back, you can use your full power to move the weights, but if you take your head all the way to either side, your strength and ability to lift the weights will diminish as your upper body becomes much weaker.

So when Jared works in the guard he prefers to begin by getting double bicep ties and immediately starts gaining as many points of contact as he can. This way he controls the hip and shoulder line while always pushing and pulling the chin, taking his spine out of alignment before striking.


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