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How To Set Up Strikes Using The Double Jab With Daniel Woirin

How To Set Up Strikes Using The Double Jab With Daniel Woirin

There is one problem that a lot of new strikers, no matter what discipline, tend to face. This is the problem of range, mainly when it comes to landing bigger shots. Whether it’s Boxing, Kickboxing or MMA, when it comes to actually landing shots on an opponent, it can be a lot harder than you think.

Newer strikers will often find themselves punching at air either because they are not at the right range to land their strikes, or because their opponent moves away. This most often happens with punches and it is really frustrating. What is even worse is if a fighter gets countered every time they try to punch.

This can lead to a fighter not trusting their hands and limiting themselves. This is why it’s really important to develop the tools required to get into the proper range very early on in their journey. 

One of the best ways to get into the range to land big shots, especially to set up the rear hand, is to use the double jab. In this video, Daniel Woirin goes over how fighters can use the double jab to keep their range and land power shots. Daniel Woirin is a french MMA coach and former coach at the legendary Black House Gym, Daniel has helped some of the very best strikers in MMA including Anderson Silva!


The video starts off with coach Woirin talking about how, mainly in MMA, a lot of fighters' reaction to having the jab thrown at them, is to retreat backwards. This leads to a fighter missing most if not all of their follow up shots. This means that if you try to follow up your jab with a rear low kick you are going to either miss completely or hit with your foot, which does much less damage than the shin bone.

This is where the double jab comes in. It’s easy to move back into a safe range off of a single jab, but a double jab is different. The double jab works off a different rhythm while still keeping you in a strong position to follow up with bigger shots. 

This is especially the case if you do the double jab the way coach Woirin shows in the video. Instead of fully retracting your lead hand back to your face after the first jab you only retract slightly. This allows you to get your second jab out there faster and mess with the range and movement of your opponent. 

From here you should be at a solid distance to land your strikes. In the video, that you can set up off a double jab. The first is the rear low kick, that because you are in the proper range for it, you can land with your much harder shin, as opposed to landing with the foot. 

You can also work off other combinations now that you are in a solid range, such as after the double jab going for a rear straight to the body and then a lead leg body kick. You can trip up your opponent further by changing the levels with the double jab. This means that instead of going to the head for the second jab, you can target it to the body. This will further mess with your opponent's sense of distance.

Striking For MMA by Daniel Woirin
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