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Mastering The Mind With Aurelien Duarte

Mastering The Mind With Aurelien Duarte

The world of sports is filled with mysticism, rituals and traditions. Wade Boggs would eat chicken wings before every game and was known never to swing at the first pitch thrown. Patrick Roy, a goalie in the NHL, would skate from center ice backwards to his net  in order to “Shrink” the goal as mental prep before a game. Michael Phelps has the floppy arm thing he does before he swims. 

What are all of these traditions for? Do they really help better an athletes performance? 

Wade Boggs was always a top tier hitter but what if he didn’t eat chicken wings before a game? would he have not had as many hits? What if  Derek Jeter didn’t reset his batting gloves after a pitch? was it possible he would not be as successful at the plate?  I don't think there is true scientific evidence to make a definitive answer one way or another.

These rituals' effectiveness might still be up for debate but what is not up for debate is how breathing and having a clear mind can improve operational outcomes in stressful situations. There have been studies proving that employing effective breathing techniques during stressful situations increases the likelihood of positive outcomes.

So it might be possible that those rituals just relaxed the athlete and that relaxed breathing is what allowed the athlete to perform better at game time. 

No one knows better than former World Champion of Muay Thai and personal/business coach Aurelien Duarte how powerful a calm mind and effective breathing can improve a person's performance.

This is what Aurelien does for a living. Optimizes people both in a Professional and personal setting. Aurelien helps business professionals and athletes alike make connections between mind and body through his method of visualization and breathing. 

This method didn't just come to him, he created it out of necessity. Aurelien was small and fragile as a child before he started training kickboxing in his home country of France. As time went on Aurelien moved to Thailand to improve his skills and that is where he learned that the mind is stronger than the body.  

Training in Thailand for Muay Thai as a foreigner is truly like stepping into the tigers den. The locals are always going to be hard on the outsider. This was no different for Aurelien. He had to find a way to survive and keep fighting. This is when he started to develop his mental training.

Aurelien has created an entire method behind human optimization. This method is what helped Aurelien become a World Champion seven times over. This method is all about combining the body and mind into one efficient machine. 

Aurelien understands that in order for a fighter to learn how to be efficient in the ring, they first must be efficient in training. This involves running through drills both slowly and correctly to program the movement and timing needed to be effective. 

Aurelien also knows a clear mind will allow the body to relax. When the body is relaxed it is quicker to respond to outside stimuli, such as punches and kicks coming in from a fight. 

Check out this combo that Aurelien shows from his Instructional “Creating Muay Thai Connections.”


For many this will be a new way to train. Aurelien Duarte’s approach is good for both mind and body. There are a million instructions on how to throw a knee, but how many go into detail about resetting foot position after the knee is thrown? Or getting up on the front toes in order to generate more power?

It is those small details that will make all the difference. When was the last time you took a minute to survey your mind and body in the middle of sets on the pads or heavy bag?Start implementing this into your training. It will most certainly allow you to find tiny imperfections you need to correct.

Aurelien brings a positive energy that makes it so easy to learn from him. He helps address fears and tension so that as a practitioner you are more relaxed and ready to work. 

This is truly unlike any instructional you have ever seen before. 

In 2020 top pro athletes are paying thousands of dollars on personal “mental coaches” to help them be better in practice, or to perform well in games. Most of what they are getting from their coach  Aurelien Duarte is showing in his instructional. 

Creating Muay Thai Connections by Aurelien Duarte

Let him help you create both strong Muay Thai and a Stronger mind! His Instructional can be found here!