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Miss A Kick, Follow With The Elbow Liam Harrison

Miss A Kick, Follow With The Elbow Liam Harrison

Watching Muay Thai and Kickboxing you will often see a high kick miss its mark. This happens by a targeting error or the defending fighter leans back to evade the strike. 

In either case when the  foot lands the total distance between the two fighters has been shortened and there is a possibility that the attacking fighter is not in a bad position facing away from their opponent.


Amongst other problems, the primary issue a fighter will have when being in this position will be not seeing a counter shot the other fighter throws at them.. 

Fortunately for you Liam Harrison has already made these mistakes while training in Thailand and is willing to share his knowledge to help you avoid an embarrassing pitfall. See how Liam continues his attack after a missed high kick.


After missing the High Kick and refreshing you on why this is a dangerous position,  Liam shows how he continues the momentum from the kick and turns it into a devastating elbow. Liam shows how taking notice of the reactions of your opponents is critical to setting up a devastating counter.

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Once Liam has learned  the reaction his opponent gives to a particular move (IE Missed kick) he will add in a counter to their counter. In this case a spinning elbow.  As Liam’s left foot lands after missing the kick  his left arm goes up to block the counter hook. 

Liam does not wait for the counter to come. Instead of stopping his rotation and trying to square back up, Liam continues the rotation of the kick in the same direction and throws the elbow upwards. If done correctly the elbow will land and Liam will continue his rotation to complete a full 360 degrees.

There is a reason for the elbow being thrown in an upwards angle instead of straight across.

 1) The shot is harder to see coming straight into the face as the eyes have to cross inorder to track the elbow coming in.

2) Most of the force is being generated by Liam’s momentum from the  missed kick and continued rotation. This brings plenty of power so there is no need to wind up the elbow. 


There is quite the warning about spinning. Liam conveys a fighter must spin on center and not lean outwards while throwing the elbow. The result may be a shot to the back of the head which can be especially dangerous. 

We have seen fighters like Anderson Silva, Mike Perry and several others throw a spinning elbow in the cage to great effect. 

In Muay Thai Liam has landed this shot more than once, and the great Sanchai has also been known to miss a kick and continue with an elbow.

Overall it is a great way to land damage and is taught by hands down the best kickboxer to ever come out of Great Britain. 

Liam Harrision went to Thailand to really tune up his game. Under his own admission these Thai’s who were fighting had been doing it since they were six years old and Liam wanted to catch up. So instead of stopping training to go and eat, Many Nights Liam would just continue to work.

That extra work paid off dividends as Liam has racked up 88 wins in 114 fights. This may not sound impressive until you hear he has been doing it in Thailand. 

Liam garnered the nickname “The Hitman” for his ability to go out and drop anyone at a moments notice, with 43 knockouts to his credit Liam knows how to bang. 

Liam has won a total of 9 world championships in kickboxing from several organizations. What is most impressive is his 2006 Patong Stadium Championship in which he had one title defense. For a westerner to win a stadium championship is a huge accomplishment and Liam did it as a class act.

In Liam’s last three fights (one being in the ONE FC Cage) he has two knockouts and a decision win. Liam has a wealth of knowledge that he is willing to share in his instructional series. 

This 3 part instructional series is in typical “Hitman” fashion, all about power and brutal counters. Starting with the basics of stance, strikes and defenses, he moves into Catching kicks and breaking from the clinch. Then Liam ends with troubleshooting. What to do if your kick gets caught, how to drive the clinch and counter knees and even sweep the legs.The value of this is second to none!

Power Muay Thai by Liam Harrison

If your striking needs help, Liam is here to show you the way!