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Press The Attack With Jean "The Show" N'Doye

Press The Attack With Jean "The Show" N'Doye

In this video, French MMA fighter and MMA coach Jean "The Show" N'Doye, shows multiple attacks that he likes to drill in preparation for his MMA fights. These are several different striking combinations, as well as single strikes that are low risk but relatively high reward. These are the strikes that you should be throwing most often as they won’t put you out of position and will score very well in competition, on top of having a good chance at landing. 


At the start of the video, coach Jean talks about basic striking principles that anyone involved in combat sports that involve some kind of striking should follow. This includes something that you would learn on day 1 of basically any kind of striking arts class, this is the idea of switching from left to right, or right to left, when striking. This is basic but important as switching each limb each time you strike allows you to generate maximum power in each by shifting your body weight and the addition of hip torque. 

Jean then goes on to talk about how, if you are new to kicking, you should set up your kicks with punches beforehand. This will occupy not only space in your opponents vision, making it harder for them to see the kick coming but it will also occupy their mind, as they will probably be too focused on your punches to even think that a kick is coming. Punching will also cause your opponent to get heavy on their feet, if your opponent tries to hunker down and block your punches, which will make it harder for your opponent to move away or to block by checking. 

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Coach Jean then goes on to talk about how when you are first learning how to strike, it is important to maintain your balance and go at this drill slowly, to build the right habits. After kicking, always bring the leg back to your stance, same thing with punching and bring your fists back to your guard. 

Coach Jean then goes on to show a drill that he uses to sharpen his attacks. The drill is pretty simple, Coach Jean and his partner move around while one attacks and one defends. Jean starts off by attacking and starts by throwing single strikes. He first goes through his straight punches and his hooks on each arm as single strikes on his opponents. Jean then moves on to short combinations, starting with the classic lead hook to rear outside low kick. This combination will get your opponent heavy on their front leg, basically guaranteeing your kick to land. The next combination is the slightly less used but still popular rear cross to lead switch kick. 

Coach Jean then shows us a set up for the low kick that requires no punches. Jean first quickly dashes to his right and throws a rear low kick or high kick. This technique will get you out of the vision of your opponent and make it harder for them to block or catch your kicks. 

Jean then goes on to throw a standard knee and even how to use a rear elbow as a counter. Jean ends the video by talking about how it is fine to do this drill slowly, especially if you are first starting out. You can do this drill faster if you want to add some pressure and you are able to use whatever attacks you would like. Just make sure that you are keeping good technique and control.

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