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Slipping And Rolling To Body Shots By Brandon Gibson

Slipping And Rolling To Body Shots By Brandon Gibson

Executing efficient body shots comes from drilling defensive head movements and defensive footwork. Acquiring the ability to slip the punch, then roll under and fire off heavy body shots will help maximize your output when striking with your opponent.

There is most definitely an art form to striking, as some of the most prolific strikers in the business utilize footwork and head movement. Often great footwork will put you in the position to slip punches and change levels, this will give you the openings to land numerous body shots.

When slipping punches, footwork is vital as it prepares you to generate enough power to land heavy blows to the body of your opponent. This will also leave your opponent unable to absorb the body shot, as they are reaching in for the cross. Once you have landed the body shot you have created a great angle to follow up with cross and hook combinations.

That's why we have brought you one of the most high level striking coaches in the world to help show you there are many defensive strategies when utilizing head movements and footwork.

In this video, Brandon Gibson shows us how to slip a punch, then roll under it and land our lead body hook on the exit. Leaving us with a great angle to follow up with various punch combinations. 

Who Is Brandon Gibson?

Brandon Gibson began his coaching career at The Jackson Wink MMA Academy under the watchful eye of Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn. Brandon has become a world class mit holder and cornerman to some of the great MMA fighters to date, including Jon Jones, Carlos Condit, Alistair Overeem and Andrei Arlovski. Brandon Gibson is well known for taking fighters up to the top of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque to work on elevation training and mental preparation before MMA bouts.

Slipping, Rolling And Landing The Body Shot 


Brandon Gibson starts this video off by explaining the importance of drilling defensive footwork and defensive head movements. He starts to explain how to utilize the slip and roll to your advantage and how to generate power through your legs so you can land heavy body shots.

He talks about slipping to your lead side and then rolling under the cross to your power side, this enables you to throw a heavy lead body hook on your exit out of the roll. Keeping this tactic in mind will then allow you to generate an angle on your opponent where you can throw cross and hook combinations, leaving your opponent in a bad spot to defend or evade your striking combos.

Once you have slipped your opponents cross then rolled under, make sure to load up on your hook to the body. Loading up your body shot comes from generating power from your legs, you can do this with good footwork and good rotation on the hook. Your opponent will be left hurt and unable to defend properly, now you have created an angle where you can land numerous combinations.  

Technique Wrap Up

  1. When your opponent throws a cross, slip the punch to your lead side ( generally this will be your left side )
  2. Roll under the punch to your power side ( right side )
  3. Load up your lead hand ( left hand ) and throw the hook to the body on the exit off the roll - make sure to throw the hook using driving power from your legs and rotate your body into the hook
  4. Now you have created an angle on your opponent, follow up with a right hand cross 
  5. Finish up with a left hand hook to the head with power and rotation

Using these steps, you can drill Brandon Gibson's techniques to help master slipping and rolling under punches. Remember, utilizing defensive strategies and making sure you load up and throw shots with power and rotation, will hold you in good stead when you are sparring or competing in combat sports.

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