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Stay Safe While Damaging Your Opponent With Firas Zahabi

Stay Safe While Damaging Your Opponent With Firas Zahabi

To be known as one of the top fighters in the world, one must have insane athletic prowess, superhuman reflexes, and an intense passion to succeed. But what do fighters such as former UFC two division Champion George St. Pierre, Former Bellator Welterweight Champion Rory MacDonald, UFC Light Heavyweight Johnny Walker, and UFC Lightweight Kevin Lee have in common? They all have learned the secrets of Firas Zahabi.  

Zahabi's Academy Is Re-Opening Monday June 7th! Listen To A Quick Message From The Man Himself! 


Who Is Firas Zahabi?

Besides being a successful practitioner of the Martial Arts with two Canadian Muay Thai Championships and a Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu under John Danaher, Firas Zahabi is a world renowned striking and grappling coach in his own right, who owns and runs TriStar Academy in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. With all his accolades and achievements, it's hard to believe the longtime coach who helped GSP regain his title in 2008, turned only 40 years old in February of 2021. At TriStar, the All-Star coach gives fighters the tools to build a solid foundation for their fighting careers. With Dynamic Striking he is giving away his secrets with his Instructional, Core Striking Combinations and Tricky Attacks

Take A Look At How Zahabi Intercepts The Jab/Cross By Using The Long Guard! 


What Are Firas Zahabi’s Striking Secrets?

Well to be truthful, Zahabi’s secrets are not his, and they’re not even secret. Being a huge fan of Bruce Lee, Firas has said that he believes firmly in Bruce's philosophy having “no style” as your style. To put it in words that may be more recognizable, “Be water, my friend.” You don’t have to have a Bachelor degree in Philosophy (like Zahabi does) to see the wisdom in the words of The Dragon.

Firas has stated himself that by simply observing fighting over time, a person can see the importance of changing with the environment. In fighting, this means using what works until it doesn’t, and then changing your strategy to one that works again. Fighters who don’t evolve their styles consistently, will win until they don’t. Then that first loss can become the blueprint for more losses, unless something is done. You can look at any number of high level strikers who got to the top using the one trick that worked for them every time. And once it stopped working, they stopped winning. That is Firas Zahabi’s secret to making fighters the best version of themselves, he makes sure they work with multiple tools, instead of one. 

Take Your Tools And Never Stop Building.

By using his impressive attention to detail, Firas goes over a wide range of techniques. He touches on basics through advanced striking concepts such as:

  • Throwing combinations 
  • Creating movement
  • Blocking techniques
  • Slipping
  • Counters 
  • Trapping your opponent

Firas also reviews how to touch spar and why it's so essential to a fighter's progress. By the time you finish the instructional, Firas will give you the game plan that he has used to stay consistently inconsistent. And also help fighters like GSP and Former UFC Middleweight Robert Whitteker separate themselves as the best in striking. 

Core Striking Combinations and Tricky Attacks by Firas Zahabi

Practice what Firas Zahabi teaches in his system, without having to travel to TriStar Academy, and watch your striking improve, then re-examine and watch it improve again! Follow his philosophy and you will be ready for any environment that comes your way with Core Striking Combinations from Firas Zahabi!