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The Philosophy And Technique Of Timing With Teddy Atlas

The Philosophy And Technique Of Timing With Teddy Atlas


As you know, Teddy Atlas has been a huge influence in the art of boxing and striking. Along with his knowledge of the sport, he possesses the strategy and philosophy to go along with it. Technique is extremely important, but understanding the game on a deeper level is important as well.

Timing falls under the category of something that needs to be understood in depth. Both timing in terms of executing the technique, as well as mental timing and how that affects you and your opponent in a fight are important to understand. What does proper timing really entail?

About Teddy Atlas

If there is anyone who understands the philosophy behind fighting and the importance of timing, it's Teddy Atlas. Teddy began training and competing as an amateur boxer, but had to make the switch to coaching due to a back injury. His career started as an assistant to Hall of Famer Cus D’amato, and in 1980 Teddy trained the Sweden Olympic Boxing Team for the 1980 Summer Olympics.

Teddy has trained numerous super stars such as Michael Moorer, who he helped guide to the world heavyweight title in 1994, as well as Alexander Povetkin, Timothy Bradley, and many others. Teddy also served as a boxing broadcaster for ESPN, and has more recently focused his talent into the creation of widely demanded striking instructionals.

In this video, Teddy Atlas explains the philosophy behind the art of timing, and gives a technical demonstration of perfectly timing a right cross to counter a jab. Check it out below!


The Philosophy

The common theme in this video is the mental side of fighting. Teddy states that 75% of being successful in boxing is the mental aspect, as it is in life. Life is a fight, and you may be fighting for numerous different reasons. In the fight of life, you better have the mind game under wraps. This means you need to be able to handle pressure, control your imagination and emotions, and be calm.

You may often be in an un-calm environment, but if you have the mental fight under control you’ll figure it out. It’s the same thing in the boxing ring. A fight is definitely not a calm environment, but if you can remain mentally calm you will be much more present and you will be able to perform exactly what you are capable of.

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In the video, Teddy states that he wants to focus on the philosophy of timing. “Timing is everything,” he says. Teddy asks if people being in the right place at the right time is about luck. He says no, that you have the ability to control timing. You can do this by being aware of what is going on, and by calculating what can and can’t happen. This allows you to be prepared for the time that “it” is going to happen.

Why is it that certain people always seem to be in the right place at the right time? It’s because they are calm and aware; they have great timing. To translate this into a striking technique, Teddy gives a breakdown of a counter that requires great timing.

The Technique

The technique that Teddy illustrates is timing the right hand over the jab. There are tons of examples of legendary fighters using this counter. This technique doesn’t require incredible speed, but it does require good timing.

As your opponent throws a jab, there is that split second where their head is uncovered on that side. The jab is a short punch and it usually comes quick. You may need to take some time to read your opponent and figure out how and when he throws his jab, and doing this is really all about calculating the timing. Finding his telegraph and anticipating the jab, timing your right cross counter directly over it.

When you are calm and aware in a fight, you begin to develop a rhythm and pick up on your opponent's rhythm. You begin to have the ability to predict what's coming. You start to notice if he is throwing a fast or a slow jab. You start to notice the extension of his jab and determine the distance you need to maintain. 

A good example of when this would be a good counter to use is if you notice your opponent isn't getting a full extension of his arm when he throws the jab. This tells you that you have some more room to step into the pocket to attack. When you gauge the timing and notice the bend in his elbow, you can place that right cross right over the top. When you land a shot like that, it starts to build confidence.

The last element of the mental game of fighting that Teddy touches on is the necessity to control your fears. You can’t hesitate and start thinking “oh if I do this I might get hit”. Instead, change your mentality to thinking about the success you are capable of. Use your timing and mechanics, let go of everything else, and land the shot.

What sets Teddy aside from others in this sport is his ability to apply and relate life lessons into fighting. He really makes people analyze why they do certain things instead of just acting. These qualities are a must have if you want to be successful in both life and in the ring.

About Teddy’s Insturctionals

Teddy offers numerous instructionals that cover a range of techniques. Some of his instructionals include Footwork- Boxing's Transit System, 14 Signature Punches From All The Greats, The Ultimate Guide To Power Punching, and so much more.

Timing: Boxing's Shot Clock For Success by Teddy Atlas
As you know, Teddy’s experience in this sport really is priceless.  From fighting himself to training some of the greatest, he possesses all the tricks of the trade. Take your technique and your mentality in the direction of a professional, check out the instructionals here! Click Learn More!