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Using The Recoil To Execute An Effective Uppercut By Carlos Condit

Using The Recoil To Execute An Effective Uppercut By Carlos Condit


When we are dealing with striking combinations, it is extremely important to be completely balanced when we execute. If a fighter is unbalanced then often they will lack the power to finish off their opponent. Understanding how to transfer your weight onto your other leg is an essential component in applying a supreme amount of striking power. 

Mastering highly efficient striking combinations takes dedication and repetition, it is recommended that you start off slowly with light strikes and then build up your pace and power as you develop the flow. 

In this video Dynamic Striking has brought to you UFC veteran Carlos Condit as he takes us through some of his striking combinations. He explains how to apply a striking combination and then incorporates a recoil after a punch which helps him transfer his weight onto his back leg, in order to execute a well balanced and powerful uppercut. 

Who Is Carlos Condit?

Carlos Joseph Condit is an American professional mixed martial artist who competes in the welterweight division in the UFC. Carlos is a former UFC interim welterweight champion, former WEC welterweight champion and has also competed in shootboxing and pancrase in Japan. Carlos has an impressive MMA record of 32 wins and 13 loses with wins over greats like Frank Trigg, Nick Diaz, Rory MacDonald and Martin Kampmann. 

Check Out The Video Below On Applying The Recoil From Carlos Condit!


When a fighter executes a straight punch it can be extremely hard to throw another punch with the same hand, and get any sort of significant power. Utilising a recoil after you throw a straight punch will leave your body in a position to enhance your power so you can land devastating blows. 

Carlos explains how to execute this technique by firstly attacking your opponent with the left jab, he then follows up the jab with a straight right hand punch. Now as you start to recoil your right hand you must reset your hips by transferring your weight onto your back leg. Then you can follow up with a right hand uppercut.

Using the recoil to reset your hips, the power you will be able to generate from your uppercut will have an enormous impact on your opponent. You will be able to utilise the full extension of your legs and your core muscles to distribute an extreme amount of force within your punch. 

A good point in using this sort of technique is that when you deliver your uppercut it can be a short or long punch. Meaning: if your opponent is close you can just land the uppercut, or if they are further away from you, because of the placement of your hips, you can reach further with your uppercut. 

Good practise is essential in creating muscle memory for this technique, and it is always a good idea to distract your opponent at the start of your combination. You can do this many ways like reaching out with your right hand and then quickly throwing your left jab. Another good way is to simply throw the double jab before your straight right punch.

This is a great striking technique to take back to your gym and rep with your training partners, so don’t waste another minute and get around this excellent video series brought to you by Dynamic Striking! 

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