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What Is The OODA Loop And How To Use It In MMA With Greg Jackson

What Is The OODA Loop And How To Use It In MMA With Greg Jackson

An OODA loop, which stands for Observe Orient Decide Act, is a basically a step by step breakdown of the process of combat. The term was created by military strategist and United States Air Force Colonel John Boyd. This process can be described as the most effective and efficient way to enter a fight. It can be used no matter the circumstances of the fight, whether it’s in the air force, in a fire fight or even in a combat sports match or on the street. 

The OODA loop can actually be pretty easily converted to use in MMA, especially in striking based one’s where you usually have enough distance to actually see your opponent’s whole body. The hard part is truly understanding what an OODA loop is so that you can properly integrate it into your techniques. THis is why it is an invaluable asset to have a coach that understands both the ins and outs of MMA, as well as the OODA loop and how to properly add it to an MMA system. Luckily we have one of the best coaches in the business today to help you with that and he really understands the concept behind the OODA loop for MMA. 

In this video, head coach at JacksonWink MMA, Greg Jackson, talks about the OODA loop and how to apply it in MMA. In this video, the legendary MMA coach goes over how he has adapted the feigned retreat for MMA, or as he likes to call it the Mongolian Attack. Greg Jackson is one of the biggest and most renowned names in the MMA coaching game. He is one half of the dynamic duo of coaches down at JacksonWink MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At that gym he’s worked with some of the biggest and most acclaimed names in MMA history. Among those names are Jon Jones, George Saint Pierre, Michelle Waterson and Holly Holm. He even created his own all encompassing Martial Arts style in Gaidojutsu. 

How To Use The OODA Loop In MMA


The video starts off with coach Jackson talking about the OODA loop, what it is and who created it and how important it is for martial artists. He then goes into an example of an OODA loop that would be used by the fighter pilot who created it. 

Jackson then goes into the importance of knowing that this is a loop. It’s not just OODA, it's an OODA loop. That means that you do the steps outlined in the acronym constantly after you finish each loop. Let’s say that you’re striking with someone. You first need to observe your opponent to figure where they are and what position they are in. Then you need to orient yourself to be in position to do anything against your opponent. From there you can decide what you want to do. Let’s say that you decide to jab. Now you can actually act on your decision and throw a jab. 

Now just because you threw the jab, doesn't mean that you’re done using the OODA loop. You now have to go throughout that entire loop again. You need to see your opponent and how they reacted to the jab. You then need to orient yourself so you’re in the proper position to follow up or defend yourself. You then can decide what you want to do when it comes to following up or defending. Then you can actually act on what you figure out. 

That’s how you can use the OODA loop in MMA. You’ve probably been going throughout this system you just didn’t have a name for it. Now that you understand this process ,you can systematize it and take full advantage of each step, especially if your opponent doesn’t know about it.

The Fundamentals of MMA by Greg Jackson

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