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Advanced Masterclass 2024 by Jean-Charles Skarbowsky

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky Presents His Complete Advanced Masterclass, Updated For 2024 With The Latest Evolutions In Muay Thai!

  • Skarbowsky is a 3x European Muay Thai champ, and is considered by many to be one of the best foreigners to ever compete in Thailand!
  • Discover the most advanced Muay Thai techniques including combinations, defensive tactics, leg catch/counters, clinch techniques, and more!
  • As an added bonus Jean-Charles goes far beyond technique with unique sections dedicated to commonly overlooked aspects in Muay Thai like tips on training/fighting in Thailand, mindset, goal setting, and how to maximize your training.
  • Learn three key aspects that  changed Jean-Charles’ fighting style and can lead to rapid improvement in your game.
  • Learn a complete defensive system that will have you catching kicks, minimizing damage, preventing opponent’s feints, defending teeps, and other game-changing defensive strategies!
  • Transform your Muay Thai skills with Jean-Charles Skarbowsky and his 4-part instructional Advanced Masterclass 2024!