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Accredited MMA Coach Charles Martinez Will Equip You with The Fundamental Tools To Develop Your Clinch and Cagework Skills in This Groundbreaking Instructional Series Dedicated to The Art of MMA
  • No MMA fighter’s toolbox is complete without these precious fundamental tools for success inside the cage and Martinez has helped fighters at all levels of the sport, including the UFC and Bellator add these critical skills to their own personal arsenals
  • Take this unique opportunity to get a proper introduction to the basics of the clinch and some fundamental cagework, specifically tailored to MMA
  • The clinch is it’s own animal in the world of MMA, and the way it's utilized in MMA is much different from other arts like Muay Thai or straight grappling
  • Learn how to properly use collar ties, overhooks and underhooks, bicep and wrist controls, and more as you master the art of effectively navigating this close quarters style of combat
  • Utilize the cage to reverse, break posture, create a safety position, and more as you incorporate this important factor into your training and add another dangerous layer Stand-up game
  • Adapting the clinch so that it’s proficient inside the cage is crucial to your development as an MMA fighter and Coach Chuck has the keys to helping you develop this incredibly important set of skills                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Art of MMA Intro to Clinch & Cagework by Charles Martinez

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