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Understand Combination Structure and Land More Strikes More Often with This Specialized Instructional Dedicated to Making You a Better Striker, Featuring MMA Coach Charles Martinez
  • Learn the keys to putting together the perfect combinations with one of MMA’s most sought after trainers, Charles “Coach Chuck” Martinez
  • Martinez has helped fighters at all levels of the sport, including the UFC and Bellator equip themselves with modern tools for success inside the cage
  • Explore perfectly paired combinations, intelligent counters, and feint, and rhythm concepts that will take your striking pedigree through the roof
  • Master your reactions as you learn how to properly  incorporate a partner and specific drills to optimize your training
  • Follow along as Martinez introduces you to  simple body mechanics, as they relate to how devastating  combinations come to life
  • Learn how and why certain combinations pair better than others so you can trim the fat and start putting together power packed sequences that pay big dividends
  • Pads, heavy bags, and stationary objects don't respond like humans and you MUST incorporate this kind of partner drilling into your training to become a more proficient fighter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Art of Striking Combos, Counters, & Feints by Charles Martinez

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