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Master The Art of Striking with Coach Chuck’s Tools of The Trade and Help Your Fighters Take Their Skill Sets to New Heights Featuring Accredited MMA Coach Charles Martinez
  • Take your fighters to the next level and equip them with precious tools for success with the help of one of modern combat’s most sought after coaches, Charles Martinez
  • Enjoy a deep dive into this underutilized but massively important subject with an acclaimed MMA Coach
  • Help your fighters build muscle memory and develop conditioned responses to particular strikes so they can be better prepared when the action begins
  • Explore some of Coach Chuck’s favorite tools that all coaches should be using to facilitate learning for their fighters
  • Learn how to properly use focus mitts, thai pads, kick shields, and more so you can optimize your training sessions and expedite the acquisition of skills
  • Discover different pad holding patterns and styles that you haven’t seen anywhere else with the man that’s accompanied his athletes into the fires of competition at the highest levels including the UFC and Bellator
  • Utilize proper pad holding strategies to get the most out of your sessions and to create realistic scenarios for your fighters to navigate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Art of Striking Tools of the Trade by Charles Martinez