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Sharpen Your Striking Skills With Jamie Campbell As He Shows You The Bag & Partner Drills You Need To Improve Your Game Rapidly With Workouts Anyone Can Use
  • See useful ways to warm up for a workout, wrap your hands, and stretch for flexibility and dexterity with Jamie’s advice on exercises you can do anywhere
  • Jamie shows you the drills that will help you unlock new levels of skill and understanding in your punches, kicks, and more, using a partner or a bag for your workout
  • Build better habits from home, the gym, or anywhere you have space with these drills you can use for bettering your combos, distance, defense, and more
  • Use drills like the suitcase kick drill, partner inside drill, feint drill, conditioning drills, and more - tons of different ways to keep yourself engaged and improving!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Bag Drills and Partner Drills by James Campbell

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