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Land Devastating Knee & Elbow Strikes And Dominate Close Quarters Muay Thai With Jean-Charles Skarbowsky’s Guide To Some Of His Most Effective Techniques
  • Learn from one of the most enigmatic muay teachers in the world, as Jean-Charles’s unique style has brought him acclaim from martial artists like GSP and John Danaher
  • Understand how to land from close range using your hardest weapons, as Jean-Charles shows his best elbow and knee setups for clean blows
  • Change the fight with a well-placed elbow, with variations like the rising elbow, somrak elbow, spinning elbow, and more
  • Take the fight out of your opponent with some signature thai-style knees, including the round knee, jumping knee, and a defending knee
  • Jean-Charles Skarbowsky is one of the most accomplished non-native Muay Thai practitioners in history, having fought legends at the elite level using his unorthodox methods                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Muay Thai Masterclass: Knees and Elbow Strikes by Jean Charles Skarbowsky

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