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Quicksilver by Pavel Tsatsouline & Jon Engum


Expert Stretching for MMA

You are a fighter. Why are you stretching like a yogi, a gymnast, or a physical therapy patient?

Enter QUICKSILVER, a stretching program by top experts designed specifically for MMA. 

Follow this video for several months and you will

  • Increase your shoulder and thoracic spine range of motion with our unique weighted stretches
  • Make your shoulders resilient by building strength in the extreme—most vulnerable!—range of motion
  • Discover how little known stretching applications can instantly and dLoosen up your stiff neck like never before with the “3S”
  • Release your tight lower back with the “Toe Touch 2.0”
  • Boost your power by “taking your brakes off”—releasing the tight hip flexors you fight every time you kick and punch
  • Develop an exceptionally high—knee to chest!—chamber for stealthy front kicks
  • Lengthen your hamstrings without irritating them—and let your kicks fly
  • Effortlessly “roll” your hips into devastating roundhouse kicks
  • Noticeably increase your roundhouse kicking power—even if it wasn’t lacking to start with
  • Achieve a front split or get close to it