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Unlock The Striking Secrets To Countering Your Opponent’s Shots And Setting Traps They Can’t Help But Fall Into With These Lessons From MMA Coaching Great Trevor Wittman & His Star Pupil Justin Gaethje
  • Trevor Wittman is one of MMA’s most respected and in-demand coaches, with multiple champions and elite contenders under his unorthodox but incredibly effective tutelage
  • Now you can learn the lessons behind how Coach Wittman has crafted some of MMA’s best counter strikers, with keys to distance, timing, angle, and anticipation
  • Learn important concepts for the fight like how to meet your opponent’s attacks, following the attack, and how to begin to land your strikes in these situations
  • Work on your defense and let that be the key to your countering with Coach Wittman’s advice on how you can improve your return strikes with better defensive fundamentals
  • Get precise instructions on how to counter the jab, counter the cross, and use those common situations to find openings that give you back the advantage
  • See Coach Wittman work with his star contender pupil Justin Gaethje, as he puts Justin through a workout similar to one they use to prepare for elite competition                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Secrets to Counter Fighting by Trevor Wittman

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