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Attack With The Advanced Switch From Duane “Bang” Ludwig Shows You How This Footwork Hack Helps You Build Offense For Striking & MMA While Staying Defensively Strong
  • Defend against jabs and body kicks with the switch as you break your opponent’s timing, distance, and open side while setting up offense
  • Land strikes with the switch as you build in uppercuts, hooks, and combination punches that punish opponents as you step through
  • Learn these important and useful skills with offense drills from Duane as he shows you helpful patterns you can practice to build your competency
  • Coach Duane “Bang” Ludwig is the innovator of the Bang Muay Thai System, and a kickboxing and MMA legend who has coached fighters like TJ Dillashaw to world championship success
  • See how the switch can help add to your wrestling defense as Duane coaches you on adding downblocking and wrestling concepts to your switching combos

The Advanced Switch Series by Duane Ludwig

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