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Master the crucial fundamentals of muay thai with revered muay thai coach, Jake Mainini

  • Jake Mainini is a veteran muay thai fighter and coach to elite level fighters in the UFC, Glory and, other high level promotions
  • Mainini will help you understand how to use defense as offense and learn to manipulate range so you can dominate the striking exchange and become a more dangerous fighter
  • Mainini’s system has been proven at the highest levels in his own career as fighter and now as a coach to elite athletes

The Fundamental System of Muay Thai by Jake Mainini

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Digital video available for immediate viewing online

Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced, this course will change your game.
Downloadable videos - YES! You can download this course and watch it on your favorite devices.
Now available on BJJ Fanatics App - Downloadable on App Store and Google Play. You can view this course directly inside the app, it is streamable and downloadable.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If you are unhappy with this course for any reason you have 30 days to request a full refund, as long as you haven’t downloaded it yet.

Master the crucial fundamentals of muay thai with revered muay thai coach, Jake Mainini

Jake Mainini is a veteran muay thai fighter and coach to elite level fighters in the UFC, Glory and, other high level promotions

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What Will You Learn?

In the Fundamental System of Muay Thai, veteran muay thai fighter and revered coach to elite level athletes Jake Mainini will share his INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE APPROACH to the fundamentals of muay thai. Mainini will help you learn and master the same techniques that have served Mainini himself as well as fighters in the UFC, Glory, and Lion Fight at the highest levels of competition.

Solid fundamentals in any martial art are a must! This is the foundation you will carry with you for the rest of your life. With Mainini’s series, you’ll recruit SOME OF THE VERY BEST FUNDAMENTAL TOOLS AVAILABLE and take your striking skill set through the roof! Anyone, regardless of rank will benefit from the concepts, techniques, and themes in this series that have already been battle tested among some of the most skilled fighters on the planet with great success!

Stance and footwork will get you started as you LEARN HOW TO MOVE PROPERLY during defensive and offensive measures. From here you'll move on to various striking applications including punches, kicks, knees, and elbows to help you understand the fundamental concepts of the striking exchange. Round out the series with some defensive instruction that will KEEP YOU SAFE FROM A VARIETY OF STRIKES and then finish strong with some pad combinations that you can integrate into your training to help you become a MORE PROFICIENT AND DANGEROUS striker!

Whether you’re looking to start your journey or even if you're a seasoned vet, Mainini has you covered. This system of fundamentals will help you create a solid foundation or beef up your existing muay thai skill set with phenomenal, easy to follow instruction and a systematized approach that will quickly provide you with a brand new set of menacing tools to introduce unleash on your opponents!

Pad Combination 4

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction 
  • Stands
  • Footwork 
  • Difference between stepping offensively and defensively
  • Footwork for upper body 
  • Footwork for lower body 
  • Upper Body Striking Application Lead Hand Only 
  • Upper Body Striking Application Lead Hand Only Other Side 
  • Upper Body Striking Application Rear Hand Only 
  • Lateral and Backwards movement 
  • Striking Application Kicks right leg 
  • Striking Application kicks add the other side 
  • Striking Application kicks left leg first explanation 

Part 2:

  • Striking Application rear leg kicks 
  • Striking Application Lead Leg Kicks
  • Striking Application Kicks Pad Work 
  • Striking Application knees 
  • Striking Application Elbows

Part 3:

  • Foot jabs/Tip 
  • Striking Application Punches and Elbows 
  • Striking Application Knees and Elbows 

Part 4:

  • Defensive Fundamentals Against The Punch 
  • Defensive Fundamentals Against The Punch Part 2 
  • Defensive Fundamentals Against The Kick 
  • Defensive Fundamentals Against The Knee 
  • Defensive Fundamentals Against The Foot Jab/Tip 
  • Pad Combination 1 
  • Pad Combination 2 
  • Pad Combination 3 
  • Pad Combination 4 
  • Pad Combination 5
  • Outro

Striking Application Kicks

So, What Does It All Cost?


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