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Learn to manipulate and dominate your opponents with genius striking strategies from Glory Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Champion Alexsandro Pereira

  • Master Pereira’s most relied upon combinations and tactics to funnel your opponents into dangerous situations and finish more fights
  • Use intelligent set-ups, counters, combos and even pad/bag work concepts to become an all around better striker

Total Striking Control by Alexsandro Pereira

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Digital video available for immediate viewing online

Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced, this course will change your game.
Downloadable videos - YES! You can download this course and watch it on your favorite devices.
Now available on BJJ Fanatics App - Downloadable on App Store and Google Play. You can view this course directly inside the app, it is streamable and downloadable.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee - If you are unhappy with this course for any reason you have 30 days to request a full refund, as long as you haven’t downloaded it yet.

Learn to manipulate and dominate your opponents with genius striking strategies from Glory Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Champion Alexsandro Pereira

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What Will You Learn?

With Total Striking Control, Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Glory Champion Alexsandro Pereira will guide you through the concepts of manipulating your opponents with strikes to funnel them into dangerous situations. You'll use the same techniques, counters, combos, and set-ups that Pereira uses at the highest levels of competition to help you round out your skill set and make navigating and dominating the striking exchange easier than ever! 

Close the distance, set up multiple kicks and learn the secrets of “shortcut kicking” in volume 1. As you enter into volume 2, you’ll be introduced to multiple set-ups utilizing kicks and punches of all kinds to help you become more well-rounded and gain a better understanding of how to use your upper and lower body in combination! Round out the series with some work on the bag and the pads so you can create that ever-important muscle memory that will assist you in becoming a dominating striking machine with dangerous tools!

Take this rare oporntuiy to learn from a true world class champion! Pereira has demonstrated the effectiveness of his training systems and routines at the highest levels of kickboxing and now he's passing his secrets along to you! Develop a stand-up game that draws your opponents in with tactics that put them in danger and give you the ability to land more strikes and finish more fights!

Rear Knee Setup

What Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Intro 
  • Closing the Distance 
  • Feint to Left Hook 
  • Closing distance with jab to right hook to body and left hook to the head
  • Low kick setups Part A 
  • Low Kick Setups Part B 
  • Low kick setups 
  • Back Leg low kick setup 
  • Rear Knee Setup
  • Shortcut Kicking 

Part 2:

  • Mastering kick
  • Spinning Heel kick setup 
  • Scissor Knee with setups 
  • Counter with the Hook to Kick part A
  • Counter with the Hook to Kick part B 
  • Body Knee to Left Hook 
  • Head Parry 
  • Body Work Defense
  • Bag Work for Training 
  • Freestyle pad work 

Closing Distance With Jab To Right Hook

What Does It All Cost?


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