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Jack Hermansson: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Jack Hermansson: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Jack Hermansson?

Jack “Joker” Hermansson is a professional mixed martial artist from Norway. Hermansson is the former middleweight champion of both the Cage Warriors and the Warrior Fight Series promotions. As of 2022, Jack is one of the best fighters in the world: he’s currently ranked eighth in the UFC middleweight division.

What this article covers:

Although he now lives in Norway, Hermansson is of German descent and was born in Sweden. He grew up with six siblings, and found his way to greco roman wrestling at age 9, partially as a way to differentiate himself from his many siblings.

Jack spent a long stint training in various combat sports from wrestling to muay thai, and many others. Eventually, this led him to commit to mixed martial arts as his focus in 2008, at the age of 20. He experienced some early success in amateur leagues before turning pro two years later, in 2012. 

As a newly minted pro, Hermansson continued to rack up wins and found himself at 5-0 with four knockouts and one submission in the first year. Four years into his MMA career, and only two years into his professional fighting career, Jack was signed to Scott Coker’s Bellator promotion in 2012. 

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jack hermansson stats

He made his first showing in 2021 against Daniel Vizcaya on the main card of Bellator 84. You might expect that his first bout would be an earlier match on the undercard, but Hermansson’s reputation as a knockout artist preceded him and he was given the second-to-last bout, immediately before the headliners. Unfortunately, Jack lost a split decision.

His next fight was another loss, this time by triangle choke, and it was enough for the promotion to cut him. Hermansson went back to Europe to continue competing on the circuit he had once dominated in the Cage Warriors promotion.

After only three fights back on his home continent, Hermansson once again found himself champion of Cage Warriors after facing off against another former Bellator fighter, Norman Paraisy. He managed to submit him with a rear naked choke in round four to reclaim the title he had vacated when he left Europe to compete in Bellator.

After winning his title, Hermansson took almost a year off due to injury and in this time, the Cage Warriors promotion went under, with their future uncertain. After rehabbing from his injury the champion without a league was determined to continue making a name for himself. He soon found his way to the British promotion Warrior Fight Series, and signed on.

His first match was against a UFC journeyman with a lot of experience, Karlos Vemola. Hermansson went back to his grappling roots and won this match by submission in the first round, setting a quick armbar to secure the victory. He defended his title for a year and a half before Cage Warriors returned. Hermansson would fight one final European fight before finally reaching his dream of joining the UFC Roster.

In 2016, Hermansson signed on with the Ultimate fighting Championship- the goal of any mixed martial artist. He was first matched up with Scott Skham on UFC Fight Night 93, where he won by unanimous decision. 

Jack went 2-2 in his next four fights, to move to an overall UFC mark of 3-2. During that time, he either ended his opponent’s night or finished himself in every contest. While this may not be ideal for a record, it’s wonderful for self promotion, and Hermansson quickly found himself a favorite among UFC fans for his tendency to leave everything in the cage. Win or lose: Jack Hermansson puts on exciting fights.

His next four fights went much better, and he moved to a mark of 7-2 with a four fight win streak that included the likes of Thales Leites and Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza. His 49 second guillotine victory over David Branch also won him Performance of the Night. On the heels of this run, the UFC re-signed Jack Hermansson to a 6-fight contract.

Having won several fights against big names, it was off to the races for Jack in terms of competition. His second fight on the new contract was supposed to be against middlweight terror Chris Weidman, although the 2019 Pandemic forced a change to Kelvin Gastelum, who Hermansson heel hooked easily in the first round.

In the past two years, Jack has faced the who’s who of MMA competition in the middleweight division, including Edmen Shahbazyan and Sean Strickland. His newest test will come in December of 2022, when he’s scheduled to fight Derek Brunson on UFC on ESPN 42. A victory in this match puts Hermansson into the contender picture and potentially opens the door to challenge for a title in 2023.

We’ll be watching anxiously as Hermansson gets ready to compete in the winter to show the world he has what it takes to be a top name in the UFC.

How Old is Jack Hermansson?

Jack Hermansson was born in Sweden on June 10th of 1988. He is 34 years old as of 2022.

Jack Hermansson Family

Not much has been published about Jack Hermansson’s family. He maintains a private life, preferring to focus on the sport when interviewed.

How Much is Jack Hermansson Worth?

Jack Hermansson’s net worth is not public information. He has been a European professional MMA champion, fought for Bellator, and competed heavily in the UFC since his signing in 2016. He also creates instructional content for distribution through dynamic striking.

How Tall is Jack Hermansson?

Jack is about average size for a middleweight fighter at 6’1” tall

How Much Does Jack Hermansson Weigh? 

Jack Hermansson competes at middleweight, which is 185 pounds in mixed martial arts.

Jack Hermansson Fight List

As both a mixed martial artist and a grappler, Jack Hermansson has had far too many bouts to list them all here. To get an idea of his reputation in the cage, we can take a look at some of his proudest achievements in MMA by various leagues:

East Coast Fight Factory

  • ECFF Middleweight Champion

Warrior Fight Series

  • WFS Middleweight Champion

Cage Warriors Fighting Championship

  • CWFC Middleweight Champion
  • 2x Title Defense
  • Undefeated in the Cage Warriors Fighting Championship (7-0)

Ultimate Fighting Championship

  • Fight of the Night vs. Marvin Vettori
  • Performance of the Night vs. David Branch
  • Most sig. strikes landed during a 5-round bout at middlweight vs. Ronaldo Souza


  • 2014 Breakthrough Fighter of the Year
  • 2018 Nordic Fighter of the Year - MMAViking.com
  • 2018 Comeback of the Year vs. Thales Leites
  • 2019 Submission of the Year vs. David Branch
  • 2019 Fighter of the Year - MMAViking.com
  • 2020 Submission of the Year vs. Kelvin Gastelum

Jack Hermansson's Best Fight of All Time

For a fighter like Jack Hermansson, it’s hard to pin down one amazing moment in a career full of highlights. He’s won so many fights by both knockout and submission, that it’s truly hard to choose just one. Still, his 49-second guillotine win over David Branch in the UFC won him Performance of the night, and we agree: this was a standout moment. 

Who Did Jack Hermansson Lose To?

Jack Hermansson most recently lost to Sean Strickland. The two faced off for a three round fight in February of 2022 for UFC Fight Night 200 and battled hard. The fight could have gone either way but ultimately neither man was able to finish the other. The bout was decided in favor of Strickland by split decision and could possibly set up a contender rematch in the future, as both have their eye on the title.

Jack Hermansson Record

Jack Hermansson’s professional MMA record is 23-7, including his time in Cage Warriors, Warrior Fight Series, and the UFC.

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jack hermansson record

Jack Hermansson Injuries

Hermansson has experienced a couple of major injuires that required time off while fighting in the European leagues. One injury took so long, a year and a half, that the promotion he held the middleweight title in had dissolved by the time he was ready to return! Still, Hermansson has fought through the struggle of injury and earned his way to be considered as one of the top fighters in the UFC. 

Is Jack Hermansson Retired?

Jack Hermansson is not retired from professional MMA. He still has at least four fights on his UFC contract, and intends to fight them out on his way to the title. His next match is scheduled for December 3rd, 2022 against UFC star Derek Brunson. With his fight camp likely starting this week, it will be a true test for Hermansson and one of his toughest matches to date.

When he has some time to record, Jack Hermansson also has a lifetime of mma knowledge to share. Having competed in combat sports since the age of ten, there’s something for everyone to learn from his excellent “Joker Style Ground & Pound”, which is a perfect blend of his wrestling background and his MMA skills. Don’t miss a chance to improve your ground striking game for the cage with one of the most experienced combat athletes in the world.

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