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Jared Gordon: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Jared Gordon: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Jared Gordon?

Jared Gordon is an American born mixed martial artist who competes in the Featherweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He was formerly the lightweight champion of Duelo de Gigantes, a professional mixed martial arts promotion in Mexico. At one point, Jared also held the Featherweight championship for Cage Fury Fighting Championship (CFFC).

What this article covers:

Jared was born in 1988 in Queens, New York. Combat sports came to him from an early age, likely due to the example set by his grandfather, Sal Ferello, who was a professional boxer in New York City before Jared was born. He began boxing and wrestling at a very young age, and was already obsessed with becoming an mma fighter by the time he reached high school.

While he was still in high school, Jared Gordon found an MMA school that combined his striking and grappling skills which he continued to work on both in MMA, and in both boxing and BJJ separately. His initial focus was boxing, where he coached Muay Thai and Boxing programs at Church Street Boxing in New York City. He also trained in boxing here, with noted striker Jason Strout, himself a product of the legendary Duke Roufus.

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Jared Gordon age

While his boxing training was top-notch, it’s possible his instruction in submission grappling was equally impressive. He was fortunate enough to begin training in a blue basement in New York City with one of the most legendary BJJ fighters to ever grace the UFC. Those who are familiar might recognize this as Renzo Gracie’s gym.

It was here where Jared Gordon got his start in submission grappling, which was perfect given Renzo’s previous success as a UFC fighter himself. Here it was that he also met one of the most brilliant minds in all of combat sports: John Danaher. After years of training with the best in the world, Jared Gordon now holds a brown belt and trains directly under Danaher.

While training with these top level talents, Jared managed to work his way to an impressive 12-1 professional record in mixed martial arts. The majority of this was done in the Mexican promotion Duelo de Gigantes, where Gordon was Lightweight champion after several fights. The remainder of his lower-level professional bouts came in the CFFC, which is a well known American feeder league for the UFC. He also held the Featherweight Championship in this league.

With this hard-fought record and two pro titles to his name, Gordon entered the UFC looking to make his way to a third championship. He got off to a strong 2 and 0 start as he put his first two opponents down and began eyeing up a title run. 

Unfortunately, his third and fourth fights were not as successful, which moved the now-veteran Gordon to 2-2 status in the world’s top mixed martial arts promotion. 

Gordon went 1-1 in his next two matches. He first competed on UFC on ESPN 3 against Dan Moret, where he was able to scrape out a unanimous decision in three rounds of competition. No one could fault Gordon for his next loss, one which was indicative of his quickly rising status in the UFC: Charles Oliveira. Oliveira is well known as one of the best finishers to have ever graced the octagon, ending the 30 of his 33 professional wins by submission or knockout. While 

Gordon didn’t get the best of the legend Oliveira, he did get some valuable experience against one of the very best in the UFC, and proved he belonged. This encounter gave him some confidence and Jared Gordon was able to win his next three fights by decision.

After two more fights against Leonardo Santos (W) and Grant Dawson (L), Gordon is now poised to prove himself in the spotlight against young and rising UFC star Paddy Pimblett. That bout is scheduled to take place in December of 2022 and we’ll be watching Gordon closely to see what’s next for him 2022 and beyond.

How Old is Jared Gordon?

Jared Gordon was born on the 6th of September in 1988. He is 34 years old as of September 2022.

Jared Gordon Family

Jared Gordon’s grandfather was a well known professional boxer named Sal Ferello, and it’s likely that his inspiration for combat sports started with this family tradition. Jared is a recovered addict who is very open about its negative impact on his family and friends. He has made it his mission to be vocal about the struggle he overcame in hopes to help others fight the same demons.

How Much is Jared Gordon Worth?

Jared Gordon’s net worth is not public information. He is a long time MMA fighter and coach, and has dedicated his time and energy to the sport.

How Tall is Jared Gordon?

Jared Gordon is about 5’9”, which is fairly tall and rangy for a featherweight fighter. His reach is 68”, again fairly long for the weight class.

How Much Does Jared Gordon Weigh? 

Jared Gordon competes at both Featherweight, which is 145 pounds, and Lightweight at 155 pounds. He weighs in at 145 most frequently.

Jared Gordon Fight List

Jared Gordon has had 11 fights in the UFC:

  • June 2017: UFC Fight Night 112 vs. Michel Cuinones - Win via Ground & Pound
  • October 2017: UFC Fight Night 119 vs. Hacran Dias - Win via Unanimous Decision
  • February 2018: UFC Fight Night 126 vs. Diego Ferreira - Loss via TKO
  • December 2018: UFC on FOX 31 vs. Joaquim Silva - Loss via TKO
  • June 2019: UFC on ESPN 3 vs. Dan Moret - Win via Unanimous Decision
  • November 2019: UFC on ESPN+ 22 vs Charles Oliveira - Loss vs TKO
  • July 2020: UFC Fight Night vs. Chris Fishgold - Win via Unanimous Decision
  • February 2021: UFC Fight Night vs Danny Chavez - Win via Unanimous Decision
  • October 2021: UFC Fight Night vs Joe Solecki - Win Via Split Decision
  • April 2022: UFC Fight Night vs Grant Dawson - Loss via Rear Naked Choke
  • August 2022: UFC 278: Usman vs. Edwards 2 vs. Leonardo Santos - Win Via Unanimous Decision

Jared Gordon's Best Fight of All Time

It’s hard to argue with first times, and Jared’s first foray into the UFC octagon was something special. He was originally scheduled to fight Michael Quinones but that match never materialized so Gordon’s first fight ended up happening a few months later in June of 2017 at UFC Fight Night: Chiesa vs. Lee.

Although he missed weight by a pound and was forced to fight at catchweight with a 20% purse reduction, Gordon came out strong and managed to knock out his opponent in the second round. The win over Quinones catapulted him higher into the spotlight and set his trajectory for success in the UFC.

Who Did Jared Gordon Lose To?

Jared Gordon had only had one loss prior to his third fight in the UFC, and it was in a professional feeder league that led him to the big show. After claiming victory in his first two bouts inside the UFC octagon, Jared lost to Carlos Diego Ferreira in February of 2018 on UFC Fight Night: Cowboy vs. Medeiros. 

Jared took this loss very seriously and changed things up, deciding to seek out the striking expertise of Duke Roufus and his crew at Roufusport. The results have paid off as Gordon’s striking has been much cleaner throughout his last several fights. Jared continues to train hard to avenge that first UFC loss.

Jared Gordon Record

Jared Gordon has an overall professional MMA record of 19-4 with six knockouts and two submissions to his name. His other 11 wins have been displays of toughness as Jared takes his opponents into deep waters for the decision victory. 

Of his 24 fights, 11 have come inside the UFC octagon, where Jared Gordon has a UFC record of 7-4. His upcoming bout with Paddy Pimblett will be one of his toughest tests yet.

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Jared Gordon weight

Jared Gordon Injuries

Jared Gordon is no stranger to injury and he shares a story with many athletes who played through the opioid crisis of the 2000s. Due to the easy access to prescriptions in the wake of legitimate injuries, Jared became addicted to painkillers by the age of 19. This led him down an even darker path that found him homeless. This struggle lasted for years and after his third stint in rehab, Gordon has been proudly recovered since 2015. 

Gordon has made it his mission to help others who are experiencing this struggle first speak openly about it and then find help. His story is a powerful reminder that combat sports takes a real toll on the body and that everyone can use some help in dark times.

Is Jared Gordon Retired?

Jared Gordon is far from retired. In his last seven years, he’s made a real name for himself in the MMA world. He is currently scheduled to fight UFC superstar Paddy Pimblet in December of 2022. A victory against the Irishman would mean moving way up in the rankings and potentially putting himself in place to contend for a title. His 19-5 record speaks for itself: Jared Gordon will remain a force to be reckoned with in 2022 and beyond.

Jared’s path through combat sports has seen him brush shoulders with some of the most legendary coaches in the entire world. Among them are Renzo Gracie and John Danaher, as well as one of Duke Roufus' best boxing students, Jason Strout. In that time, he’s learned what it takes to be a great teacher from some of the best to have ever stepped foot on a mat or in a ring. He’s filmed his own offerings including, “Grapple Boxing Fundamentals” in coordination with DynamicStriking.com in order to share the knowledge he’s accumulated in his time as a fighter. Check out his series that breaks down what it takes to ground and pound your opponent while maintaining top control today.

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