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John Wayne Parr

John Wayne Parr


John Wayne Parr was born on May 25, 1976 in Australia.  The Gunslinger or JWP as he is often referred is a legendary kickboxer and boxer fighting out of Boonchu Gym in Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.  

John Wayne Parr is a former 10-time World Champion kickboxer.  He was the runner up on the wildly popular The Contender Asia combat reality show and has recently come out of a short retirement to sign with the One Fighting Championship organization.

Inspired by the on-screen kicks and punches of idol Jean-Claude Van Damme, JWP began training Tae Kwon Do at the age of 11.  Even at that young age, competition was in his blood competing in the Queensland titles at QE2 stadium where he would earn a Silver medal at age of 12 in 1988.  

John Wayne Parr would begin his kickboxing journey in 1990, training for a few months in his hometown before moving to Sydney.  The following year he would move to Richmond, New South Wales to find a new gym and start his kickboxing career.  At age 14, he would lose his first fight by split decision, but the competitive fire continued to grow.  After a few more moves, by the time John Wayne Parr was 16, he would find his way back to Queensland and began training with one of the biggest promoters of Muay Thai at the time Blair Moore.

At the tender age of 16, Wayne Parr would begin fighting professionally earning the Australian title by the time he was 17.  After winning several regional titles, including one from the World Kickboxing Association, he would meet Richard Vell who would help JWP travel and train in Thailand to further his Muay Thai kickboxing skills.  

In Thailand, he would train briefly with the Sityodtong gym.  After a few months, he would move back to Bangkok to train with Thai fighting legend Sangtien Noi (known as the Deadly Kisser).  It was during this time, that Wayne Parr would earn the nickname John Wayne after the famed American actor known most for his Western genre films.

John Wayne Parr would spend four years in Thailand from age 20 to 24.  During this time, he would spend his days training upwards of 7-8 hours a day with only time to eat and sleep during the day.  He would sleep on the floor with other fighers and his bathroom facilities were sparse to say the least.  His dedication and focused training would ultimately pay off.

He would compete in 30 fights and win 2 World Titles during this time.  While developing his fighting persona, he became known for imitating a gunslinger during the traditional wai khru ceremonial dance before his Thai fights and this would make him wildly popular to the Thai fans.

He would gain popularity and in 1997 he was voted Best Foreign Fighter.  During his career in Thailand, he wold fight in the legendary Lumpinee Stadium three times with one fight being during the Thai King's birthday.

In 1999 John Wayne Parr would make the move back to Australia and open his own facility, Boonchu Gym.  Around this time, he would also transition to include traditional boxing bouts during this time winning his debut in 1998.

John Wayne Parr would go on to win a number of world titles in both kickboxing and boxing after his return to Australia. 

In April of 2008, John Wayne Parr was invited to be part of The Contender Asia combat reality show which featured a $150,000 prize.  He would join 15 other fighters from 12 different counties in the competition.  John Wayne Parr would meet Thai fighter Yodsaenklai for the title at the close of the show.

For John Wayne Parr, much of the battle was occurring outside of the ring as he learned that his father had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and his wife was pregnant.  John Wayne Parr would lose an unanimous decision.  Though he was not successful in winning the Contender Asia show, he gained a great deal of notoriety from the popularity of the show.  He would also go on to fight Yodsaenklai again and would emerge victorious.

John Wayne Parr would fight for a number of organizations and eventually fall in love with a caged version of Muay Thai fighting.  He would win a number of world titles between 2008 and 2014.  He would fight for Power Play Promotions, Bellator Fighting Championship and most recently sign with One Fighting Championships where he is currently awaiting his first fight.

In the documentary Blessed with Venom, John Wayne Parr's rise is documented and is highly recommended to better understand his developmental years in Thailand training where he endured spartan-like conditions to learn the coveted art from the source.  As John Wayne Parr says in the documentary, without those early days he would not have the gym he owns in Australia and all of the belts on the wall.

John Wayne Parr Techniques 

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Partner Knee Drill by John Wayne Parr



Double Wrist Pull Elbows by John Wayne Parr

 Diamond Pushups from John Wayne Parr


John Wayne Parr Products

The Aussie Formula by John Wayne Parr

There are few striking stars as well known as John Wayne Parr.  He brings a humble, self-effacing, but highly humorous demeanor to a sport filled with violence and savage aggression.  He has competed in Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing and even MMA.  

His nickname of "The Gunslinger" has been well-earned with his non-stop approach forged in the fires of long Thailand training camps.  Unless you're ready to head to Thailand yourself, the next best thing is the Aussie Formula, the 4 part instructional where JWP gives you his complete approach to striking.

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