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Mike Triana: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Mike Triana: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Mike Triana?

Michael “Ironboy” Triana is a professional muay thai fighter, martial artist, and coach. He is currently competing for one of the largest international muay thai associations around: Lion Fight. He has competed all over the world in muay thai and earned several accolades for doing so. Mike is also a social media presence and coach known for helping others achieve their goals through his own “Ironboy Experience”, a website dedicated to hardcore self-improvement.

What this article covers:

Since Mike Triana was a young boy, he loved to play sports and to be active. He was a naturally competitive child with a drive to be a high performer. After the typical exposure to traditional sports, he found his way to martial arts through the kick based art of Taekwondo. After a period of training in this style, he earned his black belt- an achievement he continues to be proud of even today as he fights on the world’s largest Muay Thai promotion.

In the time since earning his black belt, Mike first spent time competing for the World Karate Association and the International Karate Federation, where he earned championship status in both organizations. His list of accomplishments in combat sports is long, but it begins with him becoming Champion at the 2014 International Karate Federation East Coast Classic.

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Mike Triana age

2014 marks Triana’s break with ‘traditional’ martial arts and was the year that he transitioned to Muay Thai competition for the World Karate Association, becoming champion twice during his career. In 2015, Mike Triana also won the U.S. Open Amateur Muay Thai Lightweight Championship, proving to himself that he belonged in the top world ranks as a pro. 

In 2015, Mike decided to compete again for the World Karate Association, this time taking home silver instead of gold. He proved to himself that this was a fluke the following year, when he was named the 2016 Revgear Tournament of Champions National Lightweight Champion, winning another title for his growing trophy case.

Things kept up for Triana the following year where he competed on the USA National Muay Thai team in international competitions ranging from Thailand, to Sweden, to Spain, and even in Belarus! He had the opportunity to train alongside some of the world’s best strikers during this trip overseas. Muay Thai has a ‘stadium’ system where fighters compete to be the best at a certain gym; doing so is a professional and difficult task that Triana made look easy when he became the 2017 Portuarious Stadium Champion in Brazil.

During this time, he was also competing regularly as an undefeated amateur Muay Thai fighter in the United States. After three victories, he moved to the pros where he is now 4-3 as a top level pro on the Lion Fight promotion. His last fight was in 2021, and it remains to be seen how far he’ll go before ultimately deciding to hang up the gloves for good.

And when that time comes, as it does for all fighters, Mike will be well positioned to make a graceful transition into the coaching world where he’s already started to make inroads. His Ironboy Experience YouTube channel has somewhere just south of 20,000 subscribers and many more viewers. On Instagram he’s had even larger numbers, topping 50,000 followers as of January 2023.

Mike Triana has already been recognized as a local treasure by the city of Worcester, who in 2021 awarded him the Key to the City, the highest civilian honor a city can bestow. He continues to spread his passion for excellence and his knowledge of the game to others via his instructional content on Dynamic Striking and through his own Ironboy Experience website. Make sure to check out his three part “David vs. Goliath: How to Fight Taller Opponents” in the videos section for some tips on slaying your gym’s local giants!

How Old is Mike Triana?

Mike Triana’s age is unknown, but he went pro in Muay Thai around 2015 and is still active, so it’s likely that he’s in his late 20s or early 30s.

Mike Triana Family

Not much has been published about Mike Triana’s family. He maintains a private life, preferring to focus on the sport when interviewed.

How Much is Mike Triana Worth?

Mike Triana’s net worth is not public information. He is a well known social media influencer with over 50,000 instagram followers and a successful coach for both Dynamic Striking and for his own Ironboy Experience website.

How Tall is Mike Triana?

We’re not sure what the number is, but Mike Triana is exceptionally short, and he muses it to his combat advantage by developing systems that are predicated on being the smaller fighter. He went so far as to release a product called “David vs. Goliath” dedicated to defeating larger opposition.

How Much Does Mike Triana Weigh? 

Mike Triana competed most frequently at super featherweight in Muay Thai, which is capped at 130 lbs, or 59 kg.

Mike Triana Fight List

As a grappler, Mike Triana has had far too many bouts to list them all here. To get an idea of his prowess on the mat, check out his bio above which lists his amazing accomplishments in Muay Thai, including multiple international championships and a Brazilian stadium title, from 2014 to 2017.

Mike Triana's Best Fight of All Time

Mike Triana has fought so many times that it’s hard to pick one shining moment to claim as his best. Still, we’d like to think that his 2018 bout against Johncy Lindor on Lion Fight 40 was just such a moment. When Triana squared off against Lindor in February of that year, he was coming off a loss in his professional debut. 

Triana had to prove to himself and to the world that he belonged in the toughest Muay Thai league on earth, Lion Fight. He did just that with a TKO victory due to a crumpling body kick in the fourth round of the fight.

Who Did Mike Triana Lose To?

Along with the amazing highlights come the darker moments that drive a true competitor to even greater success. Mike Triana’s toughest loss was likely his first professional match against Ulbino Guzman on Lion Fight 24. A fresh professional, Triana had to overcome this tough loss in order to find success. He did so by becoming a champion in the sport, both domestically and overseas.

Mike Triana Record

Mike Triana has competed all over the world and in many professional leagues. No complete record of his matches exists. The best we have is his 4-3 mark on the Lion Fight Promotion and the knowledge that he was an international stadium champion in Brazil and a member of the US National Muay Thai team.

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Mike Triana weight

Mike Triana Injuries

Mike Triana was not public with any major injuries, but he is a major proponent of maintaining an active lifestyle in order to prevent injuries as much as possible. When they come, he coaches his athletes to a careful regime of physical therapy and patience; nothing can ruin an athlete's career faster than pushing an injury before it’s fully healed.

Is Mike Triana Retired?

Mike is not retired from professional Muay Thai competition and remains active for Lion Fight, the world's foremost Muay Thai organization. His most recent fight was in 2021 against Brenden Raftery and we expect that we’ll be watching in 2022 and beyond to Ironboy compete several more times before hanging up the gloves to coach full time.

Beyond just professional competition, Mike Triana is also a producer of instructional content that spreads his knowledge of the game to others. He has teamed up with Dynamic Striking to create the excellent “David vs Goliath: How to Fight Taller Opponents” Make sure you take the chance to learn some tips from a top coach and an international muay thai competitor today!

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