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Mike Tyson: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Mike Tyson: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Mike Tyson?

“Iron” Mike Tyson is the most famous boxer of the modern era. At 20 years old, he became the youngest man to ever claim a heavyweight boxing title. He was the first heavyweight boxer to unify the three major boxing titles and the only person to ever do so in succession. After losing his title in a public streak of personal turmoil, Mike became one of only six fighters to ever become a two-time heavyweight boxing champion by regaining it. He remains known both as a magnetic personality in the media and as one of, if not the, most vicious boxer to ever step foot in a ring.

What this article covers:

After Mike’s ascent to fame, much of his early childhood came to light through written and filmed biographies. His story is at times heartbreaking, inspiring, and above all else: real. Tyson has not hidden his personal struggles or feelings from the media, and has become well known for his candor in any situation.

He was born in the summer of 1966 in Brooklyn, New York. Tyson never knew his biological father. He was raised by his mother and a surrogate father, but both were heavily wrapped up in their own struggles that included crime and poverty. From a young age, Mike was fending for himself on the streets with a lack of positive role models around him. 

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Mike Tyson weight

By age ten, his family was forced to move to Brownsville where Tyson started two hobbies: boxing and crime. Tyson was picked on early and often for his high-pitched voice and notable lisp, things which he carries with him today. These early struggles saw the young man, who’s physical maturity outstripped his actual age by many years, fighting to defend himself.

One particularly memorable story has it that Tyson was at first a gentle, quiet kid. His first street fight took place when an older bully killed one of his pet pigeons in front of Tyson to hurt his feelings. That misguided bully woke up a demon in Mike, who found himself arrested 38 times by his 13th birthday. While incarcerated in a juvenile detention center, Tyson was noticed by a former boxer Bobby Stewart, and introduced to the world of boxing.

His mother died only three years later, leaving the 16 year old orphan in the legal care of his boxing manager, mentor, and eventual father-figure, Cus D’Amato. A major theme in Tyson’s life has been working hard for the implicit approval of a mother who never knew her son as anything other than a budding criminal.

A childhood like this certainly helps explain the volatile nature of a person like Mike who, at 56, now speaks as if the demon that woke up in Brooklyn at the vicious loss of a childhood pet has been tamed and put to rest. It’s here, at the conclusion of Mike’s heartbreaking childhood, where his story becomes more inspiring.

After years of knocking out grown men in amateur fights as a teenager, and after winning two gold medals at the 1981 and 1982 junior Olympics, Tyson made his first professional walk to the ring in Albany, New York in 1985. He competed in fifteen professional bouts in the first 9 months of his career, ending every single opponent’s night by KO or TKO. In only a few years, Cus D’Amato had transformed Tyson from a rogue thug to a focused machine. It’s a shame that Cus died in November of 1985, shortly after Tyson’s legacy began. 

Although their time together was short, D’Amato built Tyson’s mindset in a powerful, almost-mystical way. The singular focus, the life-or-death urgency, and the lack of mercy that defined Tyson in the ring were obsessively and intentionally drilled into Mike on the deepest level. So deep, in fact, that in his 50s, Tyson still discusses what D’Amato did to his mentality, often referring to it as “programming”.

After the passing of his trainer, Tyson rose to stardom with his first televised bout in 1986 against Jesse Ferguson on ABC boxing. He won that fight by TKO, and propelled himself into the public eye as he knocked out his next six opponents. His first world-level challenge as a pro came in his first title fight against Trevor Berbick for the WBC heavyweight championship. He knocked out Berbick in the second round to become th youngest heavyweight champion to ever claim the belt.

The following year, in 1987, Tyson went after both the WBA and IBF titles by dropping James smith and Tony Tucker, respectively. With these wins, Tyson was propelled to superstardom as the first undisputed heavyweight boxer to unify all three belts. He did so at only 21 years old. Soon after, he saw a meteoric rise to prominence in the culture, culminating in his face making the cover of Nintendo’s classic 1987 boxing video game, “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!”.

After knocking out former champion Michael Spinks in 1988, Tyson seemed impossible to defeat. After two more KOs against lesser known opponents, Tyson suffered his first loss inside the ring in one of boxing biggest upsets. Although he was the betting favorite, Tyson was dropped by Buster Douglas in the 10th round and found himself unable to answer the bell.

Although he rebounded from this loss with some more KO victories, Tyson’s personal life also took a turn. He was sentenced to some prison time that cost him years of competition, and spent the time inside without a championship belt.

Upon his release in 1995, Tyson immediately picked back up where he left off by reclaiming the WBC title from Frank Bruno in 1996. This made him one of only six men, among them Muhammed Ali, who had ever lost and regained a heavyweight title. Tyson’s first 46 fights saw him at a mark of 45-1 with the upset loss to buster Douglas but his last 9 fights from 1996 on showed that time was catching up. He still boasted incredible power but finished his career at 50-6 thanks, in part, to back-to-back losses to Evander Holyfield. 

Upon retirement, Tyson remained one of the most famous sports personalities in history and has remained in the public eye since that time. He has appeared as a guest on numerous shows, played cameos in many movies, contributed to biopics on his own life, and been a repeat guest on the world’s largest podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. He continues to be known as one of the most formidable and fearsome boxers to have ever put on a pair of gloves.

How Old is Mike Tyson?

Mike Tyson was born on June 30, 1966 in Brooklyn, New York

Mike Tyson Family

Mike Tyson was an orphan by 16 years old, and lost his legal guardian and adoptive father-figure Cus D”Amato by age 19. Despite these personal losses, Tyson works hard to be a loving father to six children of varying ages.

How Much is Mike Tyson Worth?

Mike Tyson’s net worth is not public information, but it is substantial. Mike was so rich that, at one point, he did a photoshoot in his underwear with one of his three pet tigers. He earned millions as a prizefighter and millions more as a celebrity.

How Tall is Mike Tyson?

Mike Tyson was an exceptionally short heavyweight, standing only 5’10”.

How Much Does Mike Tyson Weigh? 

Mike Tyson competed at heavyweight, which is capped at 201 pounds by most boxing standards.

Mike Tyson Fight List

Mike fought in almost 60 boxing matches, and many more amateur contests before that. Take a look at his pedigree:

  • 50-6 professional record
  • 44 knockouts
  • Undisputed Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World, 1987-1990
  • Youngest Heavyweight Champion in History (20)
  • First simultaneous heavyweight titleholder of WBA, WBC, and IBF titles.
  • Only heavyweight to ever unify the three major titles.
  • One of six boxers to become heavyweight champion a second time after losing it.
  • 2x Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year, 1986 & 1988
  • 2x Sugar Ray Robinson Award Winner, 1987 & 1989
  • International Boxing Hall of Fame, 2011

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 Mike Tyson age

Mike Tyson's Best Fight of All Time

His 1988 Unification bout against Michael Spinks is considered by most to be the pinnacle of Mike’s powers. People expected to see a clash of styles, where footwork and power faced off in a deadly dance. Instead, they say Iron Mike flatten Spinks in 90 seconds to cement his legacy as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time.

Who Did Mike Tyson Lose To?

Mike Tyson had a notable upset loss that cost him his undisputed heavyweight title when Buster Douglas sent him to the canvas for the first time in his career in 1990. He was unable to answer the bell and lost his first professional match, moving to 37-1 inside the ring.

Mike Tyson Record

Mike’s official professional boxing record is 50-6-2

Mike Tyson Injuries

Tyson suffered an unexpected 4th round knockout to journeyman Danny Williams in 2004. In the aftermath of the fight, it came to light that Tyson had been fighting on a blown out knee.

Is Mike Tyson Retired?

Mike Tyson fought his last boxing match in 2005. For the better part of the last two decades, he’s been focused on his personal life and finding happiness after sports. He’s also got a lot to share: Tyson is the last living vestige of Cus D’Amato’s legendary “Peekaboo” style of fighting, and he’s put it down on film so that the style can carry on. 

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