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Vince McGuiness: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Vince McGuiness: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Vince McGuiness?

Vince McGuinnes is an American mixed martial artist from Tampa, Florida. He fought his last MMA fight in 2018 and has since turned his attention to kickboxing, where he’s also competed professionally twice. Due to his extreme toughness, Vince was very rarely finished inside the octagon and managed to stay active in some seriously talented leagues for almost nine years!

What this article covers:

McGuiness got his start in 2010 as an amateur, when he fought in a regional promotion in Florida for the first time. Although he didn’t win that bout, Vince learned what he needed to about himself and made the decision to turn pro in the wake of this defeat. 

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Vince Mcguiness age

Soon after turning pro, Vince started to get his first taste of victory while competing professionally on some regional promotions. Many of the fights throughout his career were on the long-standing Real Fighting Championships cards, which were happy to have him as a mainstay during his tenure as a mixed martial artist. 

As he worked his way through the ranks, McGuiness expanded beyond the leagues in which he had first begun to compete, and branched out to others. Among these other leagues he competed for were NEF, or New England Fights, which is a promotion out of the Northeast that often feeds into the biggest fight leagues.

After deciding to move from MMA to kickboxing in 2018, Vince has spent the last four years reforming himself into a kickboxer. As combat sports fans know, the difference between a kickboxer and an mma fighter’s standup is an extreme difference. The stance, footwork, and distance are all dramatic differences that show up between the two sports.

Still, Vince McGuinnes proved his mettle as a true competitor when, after seven years of professional mixed martial arts, he managed to earn his way to a spot on a kickboxing card. More impressive was the fact that he competed not for just any promotion, but for Glory Kickboxing, which is widely considered one of the most competitive kickboxing organizations on earth.

Vince now owns and operates his own academy affiliation, called Kaizen martial arts. In addition to his administrative duties, he’s also the head coach for his gyms. They have five locations in the Tampa area and have worked hard to create an environment where athletes can come to discover the best side of themselves.

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Vince Mcguiness weight

How Old is Vince McGuiness?

Vince McGuiness was born on September 9th in 1987. He is 35 years old as of 2022.

Vince McGuiness Family

Not much has been published about Vince McGuiness’s family. He maintains a private life, preferring to focus on the sport when interviewed.

How Much is Vince McGuiness Worth?

Vince McGuiness’s net worth is not public information. He makes his money by X

How Tall is Vince McGuiness?

Vince McGuiness is 6’2”. This makes him exceptionally tall and lanky for the weight class, and likely means he cuts significant weight to get down to 155.

How Much Does Vince McGuiness Weigh? 

Although it’s possible he has competed in different weight classes, Vince McGuiness appears most often at 155 pounds, or about 70 kg. In mixed martial arts, that is considered a lightweight fighter.

Vince McGuiness Fight List

As a regional MMA fighter, Vince McGuiness has had many professional bouts, both in kickboxing and in mixed martial arts. To get an idea of just how long Vince McGuiness has been around the sport of fighting, check out his record. It started with an amateur fight in 2010 and ended in July of 2019 with a kickboxing match; an impressive nine years competing at a high level:

  • October 2010: Loss to Charles Rosa - Florida Regional
  • July 2012: Loss to Jose Laguar - Real Fighting Championships
  • October 2013: Win over Alvin Williams - Epic Fight Night
  • November 2013: Loss to Phil Daru via unanimous decision - Real Fighting Championships 29
  • April 2014: Win over Craig McAlpine via armbar - Atlas Fights
  • March 2015: Win over Mike D’Angelo via unanimous decision - Real Fighting Championships 33
  • May 2015: Win over Bill Jones via unanimous decision - Toe 2 Toe 2
  • January 2016: Loss to Derrick Kennington via split decision - Orlando City Fights Fight Night 1
  • February 2016: Win over John Ortolani via liver punch TKO - Real Fighting Championships 36
  • July 2016: Loss to Ladarious Jackson via decision - Real Fighting Championships 37
  • November 2016: Loss to Caleb Williams via decision - Real Fighting Championships 38
  • January 2017: Loss to Peter Barret via unanimous decision - Cage Titans 32
  • June 2017: Loss to Joe Giannetti via unanimous decision - Cage Titans 34
  • June 2018: Loss to Ryan Sanders via armbar - New England Fights 34: Home of the Brave
  • November 2018 (Kickboxing): Loss to Justin Houghton via decision - Glory 61: New York
  • July 2019 (Kickboxing): Loss to Peter Stanonik via unanimous decision - Glory 67: Orlando

Vince McGuiness's Best Fight of All Time

For a fighter like Vince McGuiness, it’s hard to pin down one amazing moment in a career full of highlights. One of his best matches was certainly his 2016 victory over John Ortolani. Vince was coming off a tough loss to Derrick Kennington in a split decision that many could have scored in the opposite direction. He was looking to avenge himself and prove that he still belonged at the highest levels. 

He made his background in striking his go-to plan and found himself pressuring Ortolani in the first round. After several minutes of hard fought action, Ortolani was on his back foot and retreating from the stand up onslaught that McGuiness was bringing. Soon, Vince found hismark with a liver shot that disabled John Ortolani and sent him sprawling to the canvas unable to continue. The referee called a stop to the contest and declared Vince the winner by TKO after the powerful liver shot.

Who Did Vince McGuiness Lose To?

Along with the amazing highlights come the darker moments that drive a true competitor to even greater success. Vince McGuiness’s toughest loss was likely his first loss as an amateur, where he faced Charles Rosa in October of 2010. The two met on a small card for Florida Regional fights and Vince wasn’t able to get the win. Still, he turned pro immediately following this defeat and used it as fire to fuel him to even greater heights as a professional.

Vince McGuiness Record

As an MMA Fighter, Vince McGuiness’s record is 5-8-0. The majority of his fights were under the Real Fighting Championship promotion.

Vince McGuiness Injuries

Although grappling and fighting injuries are quite normal, Vince McGuiness has not been public with any major problems that have cost him time on the mat. Still, he had to cancel two bouts. The first came in May of 2016 against Glenn Mincer and the other was in April of the following year against Lewis Corapi. It’s likely that one of these may have had to do with a lingering injury, although it's unclear if it was Vince, or his opponents Mincer or Corapi, that had to withdraw.

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Vince Mcguiness bio

Is Vince McGuiness Retired?

Vince McGuiness is retired from professional mixed martial arts as of his last fight for New England Fights in June of 2018 against another journeyman fighter. Since that time, he’s taken two kickboxing matches under new promotions, and may continue to do so into the future. We’ll be watching in 2022 and beyond to see if Vince makes a third kickboxing comeback.

Now that Vince McGuiness is retired, he spends most of his days coaching others. He’s worked hard to open his own school, and now operates Kaizen martial arts in Tampa, Florida. The school has five locations and a blossoming program of young MMA talent looking to break into the top ranks. 

At only 35 years old, Vince McGinnis still has a lot of coaching to do. He’s already started to lay some of it down in recorded form for others to learn from. Head to Dynamic Striking’s offerings to see his recently released “The Effective Footwork Manuel '', where he breaks down what it takes to generate power and speed using your footwork as a foundation. Why wait? Make sure you check out these tips from a nine year veteran in the professional fight game today.

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