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Muay Thai Body Shot Set Up With Jean-Charles Skarbowsky

Muay Thai Body Shot Set Up With Jean-Charles Skarbowsky

Being able to use feints is a great skill to have if you want to land your punches. Using feints is a great way to draw your opponent’s defense and maybe even some of their strikes. This allows you to make reads on your opponents defense and set up your own shots. The vast majority of feints are made from the outside before any strikes have been thrown and this is good. The thing is if you want to tell if someone is really good at using feints, see if they can feint in the middle of their combinations. 

In this video, Jean-Charles Skarbowsky goes over a simple combination that utilizes a feint in the middle of it. Jean-Charles Skarbowsky is one of the greatest non-Thai Muay Thai fighters in the sport's history. Skarbowsky is a multiple time world Muay Thai champion and multiple time Rajadamnern stadium champion, which is one of the highest championships that one can earn in Muay Thai. 


The combination that Skarbowsky shows off in this video is fairly straightforward and basic. The combination is actually a slight modification to what is traditionally known as the dutchy. The dutchy being a classic dutch kickboxing combination of a jab cross to lead body shot. 

The only difference that Skarbowsky shows in this is that you replace the cross with a feint. The combination starts off as such, with Skarbowsky throwing his jab at his opponent and then following up with the rear hand feint. This feint can be done in a number of ways, the easiest being rolling your shoulder forward like you would in a normal cross but just not extending your arm. This will likely get your opponent to flinch and cover up their head. This motion will also get you into a loaded position that sets you up perfectly for a body shot. 

You aren’t limited to that feint as your only option. Skarbowsky shows a motion that looks very similar to an overhand right or even a downward chopping elbow that you can use as a feint. This is a good option if you feel like you really need to sell a feint to your opponent as it is a larger motion. This feint will also get you in a solid position to follow up with a bodyshot. 

Another option that you can do is to tap your opponent with your cross feint instead of missing. This will get them to feel something tap and might freeze them up for longer. 

Either way, any one of these feints will get you in the right position to land a body shot. If you are an orthodox fighter fighting another orthodox fighter, then you should try to land this body shot to the liver. 

If you are able to land a good solid punch to the liver, the fight is pretty much over. Hitting the liver makes it nearly impossible to breath and completely shuts down the body, as well as hurting like hell. 

If you’re fighting in MMA and you land a body shot like this, a little bit of ground and pound is more than likely going to be enough to finish the fight. In Boxing, Kickboxing or Muay Thai, this will probably put them down for the full count. 

Beginner Edition: Muay Thai Masterclass by Jean-Charles Skarbowsky
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