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Carlos has tested these combinations at the very highest levels of the UFC, including UFC title fights!

  • Learn foundational drills that will help you build a complete strike plan from the ground up.
  • Use angles to out-flank your opponent, and find openings to slip in your best strikes.
  • Discover how to manipulate range in a way that leaves your opponent out of position with little options of attack.
  • This 4-part series is sure to revamp your striking strategy!

Combat Tested Striking Combinations by Carlos Condit

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Digital video available for immediate viewing online

Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced, this course will change your game.
Downloadable videos - YES! You can download this course and watch it on your favorite devices.
Now available on BJJ Fanatics App - Downloadable on App Store and Google Play. You can view this course directly inside the app, it is streamable and downloadable.
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UFC Legend Carlos Condit is here to help you get creative with your combinations! Set up your power shots through foot work and creative combinations!

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What Will You Learn?

Carlos “The Natural Born Killer” Condit is an absolute legend in the world of combat. Throughout the history of MMA, few athletes have continually brought that ‘never say die’ attitude to the Octagon. One of the aspects that helped Condit cultivate the action inside the Octagon is his rock-solid Striking game. With Combat Tested Striking Combinations, Condit looks to lay out the roadmap for athletes of ALL levels.

Combat Tested Striking Combinations is a 4-part series where Condit starts you off with footwork and mobility drills that will start to help get used to efficient movements on your feet. These drills are a great way to create effective angles of attack. Don’t simply stand in front of your opponent and exchange brain damage! Use creative angles to avoid being hit, while opening opportunities to land hard shots.

The jab is one of the most important strikes in combat! Carlos provides a complete breakdown of the jab. He will teach you the fundamentals and then teach you how to use it as an effective tool. You will learn how to check range, land quick jabs, and set up knockout follow-ups!

Carlos is known for having one of the most versatile striking strategies in the sport. When Carlos entered the Octagon he utilized a unique blend of punches, kicks, knees, and elbows to overcome the opposition. This style of striking, when done with Condit-approved methods, will keep your opponent guessing on your next attack. Combat Tested Striking Combinations, goes in great depth on how to blend your strikes together. This creates a hard to stop pace that will be sure to provide you the advantage on the feet.

Basic Footwork Box Drill

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction / Striking Mobility Platform
  • Basic Foot Work Box Drill
  • Hand Positioning for Striking and Combat Scenario
  • Cutting Angles 
  • Slipping Right Hand Making an Angle Counter
  • The Jab
  • Moving with the Jab
  • Using the Jab to Evade and move Backwards
  • Weight Transfer 
  • Weight Transfer with Combo 

Part 2:

  • Muay Thai Kicks to the Body 
  • Alternating Combo 
  • Back to Back Combos
  • Double Jab Closing The Distance Dropping Elbow 
  • Body Shot
  • Rear Knee to the Body

Part 3:

  • Switch Knee to the Body
  • Switch Knee to the Body Dropping Elbow
  • Straight Right - Rising Elbow - Dropping Elbow 
  • Head Movement and Defense 
  • 1 2 3 straight right to body Combo 
  • Jab - Hook - Straight Right Combo 
  • Double Jab - Straight Right - Recoil Uppercut Combo 

Part 4:

  • Using a Frame to Protect Ourselves 
  • Force Parry Elbow over the Top
  • Jab - Come Over Top with Lead Elbow Combo
  • Overhands 

1 2 3 Straight Right To Body Combo

So, What Does It All Cost?


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