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Learn to use the cage to wrestle, trip, control, and take down your opponent with Benson’s SMOOTH approach!

  • Put the fight where YOU want by using perfect double leg positioning.
  • Work your way to cardio draining Body Locks, or take them down away from the cage to keep them on the ground.
  • Use a varied approach by incorporating the Body Lock to reduce danger and land slick foot sweeps.
  • Learn ultimate cage control from MMA Legend Benson Henderson!

Working The Cage And Walls In MMA by Benson Henderson

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Digital video available for immediate viewing online

Dominate the fight by using barriers to your advantage by one of the best to do it, Benson Henderson!

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What Will You Learn?

Throughout his illustrious career with multiple upper echelon MMA organizations, Benson Henderson has used his smooth striking, never-ending cardio, and gritty grappling to become an ALL-TIME great. Benson is currently on a 4-fight win streak with Bellator MMA, where some of the best Lightweight talent in the world compete. On top of being a top-tier competitor, Benson is a very effective instructor and it’s evident in Working The Cage and Walls In MMA!

With Benson’s latest instructional you will learn how to use his barrier battle plan! Being able to work effectively against the cage is an essential skill, ESPECIALLY if you are looking to compete in MMA. Another aspect to Working The Cage and Walls In MMA is how it translates to real-world altercations where you may have to use walls and barriers to your advantage to navigate the situation safely.

Working The Cage and Walls In MMA gives you a systematic approach to gaining complete control when up against the cage. Benson teaches you how to use strikes to close the distance and use double leg entries to back your opponent against the cage. By using the cage you give yourself plenty of advantages. You will limit your opponent’s offense while simultaneously taxing their cardio.

Once you understand how to get your opponent up against the cage with control, the takedowns present themselves! Benson shows you how to employ an attack strategy that blends double legs and body locks so you will ALWAYS have an option to finish. After taking your opponent down, keep them there! You will learn how to successfully takedown your opponent and keep them away from the cage which prevents their ability to wall-walk back to their feet.

Body Lock Squeeze

So, What Exactly Do You Get? 

Part 1:

  • Intro 
  • Double leg positioning 
  • Double Leg Entry 
  • Double leg finish lift and rotate 
  • Roll from double leg 
  • Double leg cut back 
  • Body Lock Squeeze 
  • Double leg to bodylock high knee in the middle 
  • Inside Trip of Bodylock 
  • Foot Sweep from body lock 

Part 2:

  • Body Lock Throw by 
  • Throw by to broom stick takedown 
  • Aaron Simpson Body Lock series 
  • Single leg series 
  • Running The Pipe 
  • Inside trip Aaron Simpson Body Lock series 
  • Run the pipe to single leg lift 
  • Single to Double
  • Outro 

Double Leg Positioning

What Does It Cost?


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