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Anthony Hamlett, His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Anthony Hamlett, His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who Is Anthony Hamlett?

Who is Anthony Hamlett’s Family 

No information on Hamlett’s family could be found at this time. 

Anthony Hamlett’s Early Years!

Before his fighting career, Anthony Hamlet had experience in wrestling and grappling sports. He was a member of the USWF/USA ALL AMERICANS. He was a three-time all American for the United States Air Force team, and he ranked as high as fifth place in the nation after world team trials. Anthony Hamlet's background in wrestling highlights his dedication to self-improvement and his pursuit of excellence in grappling sports.

What this article covers:

After just a year of grappling following the transition from wrestling, Anthony competed in the Abu Dhabi World Championships in 2000. He entered under the -65 kg class. In this event, Hamlet defeated Hiroyuki Abe and Joao Roque but ultimately fell to a defeat against Royler Gracie and Joe Gilbert. This earned him a 4th place finish at ADCC, showcasing his ambitious mindset and goals in the early stages of his grappling career.

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anthony hamlet resume

How Much Is Anthony Hamlett Worth?

Anthony Hamlett’s net worth could not be found at this point in time.

How Tall Is Anthony Hamlett?

Anthony Hamlett stands 5’8 tall 

How Much Does Anthony Hamlett Weigh?

Anthony Hamlett last fought at 155lbs or in the lightweight division. 

Anthony Hamlett Fight List!

Anthony Hamlett has been in 22 fights in the professional circuit facing

David Velasquez, Jeremy Bolt,Tetsuo Katsuta, Uchu Tatsumi, Charley Pearson, Kevin Smith, Jimmy Terrel, David Guigui, Jeff Curan, Paul Gardner, Edson Diniz, Bobby Andrews, Caleb Mitchell, Hermes Franca, Blake Frederickson, Steve Hallock, Brandon Bledsoe, Cole Escovedo, Chad Nelson, Chris Mickle, Ian Loveland and finally Roy Bradshaw

Anthony Hamlett age

Hamlett was born July 16, 1971 making him 51 years old 

Anthony Hamlett Record!

Hamlett held a record of 8 wins and 14 losses across 22 professional bouts. Amongst those wins, 5 were by knockout, 1 by submission, and 2 by decision. An 11-second, round 1 elbow knockout to Jeff Curran led him to winning the HOOKnSHOOT Featherweight championship—an achievement that reflects both his skill in the cage and the empowerment he experienced through his victories.

Anthony Hamlett Injuries!

Anthony suffered injuries in a match against Blake Frederickson in a TKO loss in World Freestyle Fighting 3 (2002), and a shoulder injury during a loss against Chad Nelson in FCFF Rumble At the Roseland 11 (2004)

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Is Anthony Hamlett Retired?

Anthony Hamlett is currently retired from fighting but is still active in the world of mixed martial arts as a referee. He also has an instructional available titled “ Uthai system for MMA and grappling”.

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