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Barry Robinson, His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Barry Robinson, His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who Is Barry Robinson?

Barry Robinson is one of the most highly respected and sought-out boxing coaches of all time. He is the creator of his own teaching style called “A Million Styles Boxing.” Barry Robinson is also a talented author who has released a book called “The Rhythm Step Explained,” where he goes into detail about the habits you form in combat sports and how to improve your fight IQ. The book uses examples from various combat sports like boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, karate, sambo, and even wrestling. The rhythm step is explained as a natural movement in fighting coined by Robinson when speaking about unconscious footwork patterns that bring fighters out of balance, pace, or stance.

What This Article Covers:

Who is Barry Robinson’s Family

No information on Robinson’s family could be found at this time. 

Barry Robinson’s Early Years!

He began training in the sport of boxing at age 11 in New York City. Originally a basketball enthusiast, he realized he needed a change in his life an enlisted into the United States Navy for four years. While enlisted, Barry learned the importance of accountability and attention to detail that he would late bring into his signature coaching style.  He was inspired to get into training after seeing a Mayweather fight. Barry went on to train and eventually win several National Golden Glove matches at the famous Gleasons Gym.

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coach barry robinson

After a while, Robinson hungered for more diversity in his training and moved gyms. His new coach was absent from training and Barry stepped in to lead the fighters. This was the beginning of a career in training top-level fighters across the world and across multiple fighting styles. He originally was in more of a personal training/fitness style of boxing but that changed with a move overseas. He began studying the coaching styles and techniques of fighters in Norway, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, England, Curacao and Belgium. The time spent throughout Europe is wht eventually led him to creating A million Styles Boxing. He believes that knowing a little bit of everything will serve you better than just one. His style of coaching is specifically to help MMA and Muy Thai fighters to incorporate boxing skills into their sports. The A Million Styles Boxing or AMSB has opened its first gym in Oslo, Norway since its creation in 2006.

How Much Is Barry Robinson Worth?

Barry Robinson’s net worth is not publicly available at this time

How Tall Is Barry Robinson?

Barry Robinson’s height was not recorded in his boxing history

How Much Does Barry Robinson Weigh?

Barry Robinsons weight was not recorded in his boxing history.

Barry Robinson Fighters coached List!

Barry has worked with athletes across many combat sports amongst the likes of Fedor Emileanenko, Jose Aldo, Cris Cyborg, Dan Hooker and many others. Barry Robinson has an extremely high expertise in fighter breakdowns and understanding the strengths and attributes of different martial artists to show them how to better their games. Barry has been sought after in many gyms across the globe. The Yokkao team brought Barry over in 2017 to help their fighters Singdam, Manachai and Yodchai where he expressed his surprise at the level of athletes they had to offer. He enjoyed taking in their skills and breaking down techniques to help them even further. 

Barry Robinson age

Barry began his boxing career over two decades ago at 11 years old. His exact age is unknown 

Barry Robinson Record!

Barry Robinsons fight record was not made public 

Barry Robinson Injuries!

No injuries made public, could be found for Barry Robinson

Is Barry Robinson Retired?

Although Barry Robinson may be retired from fighting in the ring himself, he has never been more immersed in the fight game at such a high level with his coaching abilities. Barry is currently in Pennsylvania at American Top Team Happy Valley working on the up and coming UFC prospect Bo Nickal. Bo has an extensive background in wrestling, going 183-7 in his career and is regarded as one of the greatest college wrestlers ever. Barry has been spending time working with Bo as he climbs through Dana Whites contender series and working on building a striking portfolio to match his ground game. 

Check out the full library of a Million Styles Boxing tutorials from Coach Barry Robinson!

barry robinson boxing

Barry Robinson Instructionals

Barry Robinson has a plethora of instructionals covering everything from footwork,  punching, padwork and sparring. He has released 240 Rounds of A million Styles Boxing Drills, Mastering the Pivot, The Rhythm Step, Spicing up Striking with the Giga Step, Power Punching, Boxing Combos, Mastering the Lead Hook, Body punching, Lateral Movement, Advance and Retreat, catch and Shoot, Boxing Pad Work, Playbook, Make the L-step great again, and Sparring.

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