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Alex Exsisto, His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Alex Exsisto, His Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who Is Alex Exsisto?

Alex Exsisto is a veteran Muay Thai athlete with a professional kickboxing career beginning at seventeen years old. Alex, as a person, has experienced instruction from some of the best in the world. This includes Ajarn Pipa Jockeygym, owner of the famous Jockeygym in Bangkok, Thailand. Jockeygym is home to some of the most prolific Thai fighters such as Saenchai Sor Kingstar and Lerdsila Chumpairtour. The name Alex Exsisto is synonymous with a dedicated individual in the world of Muay Thai, shaped by the teachings and influences from renowned instructors, forming a significant part of his identity in the combat sports community.

What This Article Covers:

Training amongst the greatest fighters propelled Alex into being a unique and talented striking coach. To pursue further coaching opportunities, Alex briefly moved to Ithaca, NY, to be the striking coach at BombSquad. His most recent relocation to Albuquerque, New Mexico, enabled him to join some of the greatest minds in combat sports; Greg Jackson and Mike Winklejohn. Jackson Wink MMA Academy is where Alex plans to continue his journey, bringing his own character and personality into play as he helps to train the next generation of champions. This reflects Alex Exsisto's commitment to fostering a unique coaching style and contributing his individual talents to the world of combat sports.

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Alex Exsisto weight

Alex Exsisto's Early Years!

Alex Exsisto spent many of his formative years in Thailand learning martial arts from the best in the world. He began training in 2004 at seventeen years of age. Before he stepped into the world of Muay Thai, Alex also had fifteen amateur bouts in boxing. After his career as a fighter, he honed his talents even further as a striking coach throughout Thailand.

How Much Is Alex Exsisto Worth?

Alex Exsistos net worth was not able to be calculated at this time. 

How Tall Is Alex Exsisto?

Alex Exsistos height is not available at this time

How Much Does Alex Exsisto Weigh?

Alex Exsisto’s weight during fights or current class could not be found in records at this time.

Alex Exsisto’s Fighters List!

Alex has trained with and coached some of the highest-level MMA fighters in the world like Jon Jones and Carlos Condit. 

Alex Exsisto's age

Alex began fighting at the age of seventeen, which would make him thirty-five years old.

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Alex Exsisto bio

Alex Exsistos Record!

Neither Alex Exsisto’s amateur nor professional records could be found. Due to the time and location of his fights, the record-keeping is sparse, which is not uncommon, especially for a trainer with his focus on coaching and contributing to the development of other fighters.

Alex Exsisto's Injuries!

No specific injuries were reported by Alex in his fighting career

Is Alex Exsisto Retired?

Alex has retired from the fight game as a participant, but he could not be closer to the world of fighting than he is today as a coach. He spends his time sharpening the tools of the highest-level combat athletes in the world today.If you want to see more from Alex, he has an instructional available that is titled, MUY THAI FOR MMA BEGINNERS. This is a three-part instructional that teaches the foundations for transferring muy thai techniques into the MMA world.

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