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Erhan Güngör: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Erhan Güngör: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Erhan Güngör?

Erhan Güngör is a Turkish/German Muay Thai fighter and coach. Erhan has been competing Muay Thai since the age of 19. He made his big breakthrough in the Muay Thai community when he won the German Muay Thai Championship in 2011. A few years later, he would become the head coach of Absolute MMA’s Muay Thai team in Melbourne, Australia. Erhan would also remain his status as a competitor during those years. 

What this aritcle covers:

Eventually, Erhan Güngör would earn a spot on the Yokkao Training Center’s team in 2016. Erhan decided to leave his head coaching position at Absolute MMA and move to Bangkok where he would become a fully-sponsored fighter under Yakkao. Some of his teammates were esteemed fighters, Saenchai and Signdam. The opportunity to train with some of the top names in Muay Thai opened up so many doors for him. His career in professional fighting would escalate pretty quickly from there. 

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Erhan Guengoer age

At this point, Erhan Güngör’s fights were being broadcasted on television. His fight with Dab-Mhon Sirharajshow rocked the Muay Thai world when he was able to secure the win. He would go to fight on broadcasts such as MX Muay Xtreme and Max Muay Thai. Throughout Erhan’s professional career, he has fought over 30 times now. 

Erhan Güngör is now focusing on Muay Thai and fitness training in his hometown in Germany, Munich. 

How Old is Erhan Güngör?

Erhan Güngör is currently 31 years old. Erhan’s birthdate is December 10, 1990. He was born in Munich, Germany. 

Erhan Güngör’s Family

Erhan Güngör seems to keep his personal life very private. Most of his social media and profiles are geared towards his career in Muay Thai and his instructionals. 

How Much is Erhan Güngör Worth?

It is not known what Erhan Güngör is worth. 

How Tall is Erhan Güngör?

Erhan Güngör is 183 cenitmeters. This makes Erhan about 6 feet tall. 

How Much Does Erhan Güngör Weigh? 

Erhan Güngör is 72 kilograms. This makes Erhan about 159 pounds. 

Erhan Güngör’s Fight List

Erhan Güngör has been able to gain a lot of great professional fighting experience under Yokkao. His first fight under the Yakkao gym was at the Yokkao Next Generation event. He would go on to step in the ring with fighters such as Lam Ji Fung at Yokkao 21, Dab-Mhon Siharajshow at Lumpinee, and Nopakaw Siriluck. 

He has also fought in such events as X-Mas Rumble 2019, Road to Rebellion 3, and many other Yokkao events. 

Erhan Güngör's Best Fight of All Time

One of the best events you can find of Erhan Güngör is his fight against Daniel Soeurream on Youtube. He manages to stay balanced during the match, with great defense and plenty of great strikes against Daniel. It is amazing to see how highly engaged he stays during the entire match. It is a great example of his masterful knowledge of Muay Thai and fitness preparation. 

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Erhan Guengoer weight

Who Did Erhan Güngör Lose To?

There is no cohesive record of Erhan Güngör’s fights but he did just recently lose to Paul Leipi. He lost to paul on October 15, 2022, at Ring of Fire 15. Erhan also lost to Firas Eid at the X-MAS Rumble 2019. His most notable loss was to Chanajon P.K. Saenchai. Saenchai was able to secure the win with a knockout pretty earlier in the match.

Erhan Güngör’s Record

The most recent account of Erhan Güngör’s record is 20 wins, 9 losses, and 1 draw. 

Erhan Güngör’s Injuries

Erhan Güngör has never spoken candidly about any injuries. He does wear a protective foot wrap on his right foot from time to time but it is quite common for Muay Thai fighters to wear those. It has also been reported that he fought with some sort of unrecovered injury at an event in Lumpinee. 

Is Erhan Güngör Retired?

Erhan Güngör is still professionally fighting and coaching to this day. Erhan had his most recent fight on October 15, 2022, against Paul Leipi. Erhan is also currently creating Muay Thai instructionals with Dynamic Striking. 

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