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Martin Kampmann: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Martin Kampmann: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Martin Kampmann?

Martin “Hitman” Kampmann is a former professional mixed martial artist from Denmark. He was the Cage Warriors World Middleweight Champion before competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). 

What this article covers:

Kampmann was born in Aarhaus Denmark in the spring of 1982 to Danish parents who valued education and pushed their son to achieve in school. He worked hard at a young age to do well relative to his peers and eventually earned a spot in a college engineering program. 

Kampmann encountered combat sports at a young age and spent hours in the gym practicing during his high school years. He dedicated himself to mixed martial arts sometime in the late 1990s and officially turned professional in 2003. 

After making the change to become a pro fighter in 2003, Kampman continued his studies in college and managed to balance both very well. While working to complete his program, the young fighter fought to a professional record of 9-1 in the well known Cage Warriors promotion. After a time, he became the Middleweight Champion and earned the attention of Dana White and the rest of the UFC.

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martin kampmann age

His debut was on UFC Fight Night 6, when he stepped in to replace Kalib Stanres at middleweight on short notice. He was matched up with Crafton Wallace and put on an impressive show. He was able to quickly submit Wallace, earning a first round submission over his first UFC opponent. 

His next match was against another future star in the UFC, a young Thales Leites, on the finale of season 4 of The Ultimate Fighter in November of 2006. Kampman was able to win a unanimous decision victory in a dominant fight to end the season and further make his presence known in the UFC.

His third match proved to be his toughest yet, as Kampman was rocked, wobbled, and knocked down over and over again by Drew McFedries in the first round. Somehow, Kampmann was able to weather the storm and find his way to a surprise arm triangle in the final minutes of the first round. This fight was an instant classic and showed the world that Kampmann was here to stay.

After such a dominant 3-0 run, Kampmann was immediately scheduled for a fight with former UFC Champion and MMA legend Rich Franklin. Although this was a disappointing turn of events for Kampmann, he proved that he was still ready to go after returning on UFC 85 to submit the knockout artist Jorge Rivera in the first round.

Kampmann continued his reign of terror in the next three fights with Nate Marquardt, Alaxandre Barros, and Carlos Condit, moving his streak to 7-0 in the UFC. 

After a loss to Paul Daley on short notice in a contender match, Martin Kampmann took out a few more names with wins over Rory Markham and Paulo Thiago, who was his first ever win by decision in 9 UFC victories. 

Kampmann fought many more times in the UFC, but his final bout came against Carlos Condit in the summer of 2013 on UFC Fight Night 27. Despite earning his second fight of the night bonus during his long UFC tenure, Kampman still lost via TKO part way through the fourth round of the fight. 

He officially retired in 2016 as one of the most active, dominant, and exciting fighters that the UFC middleweight division had ever seen. His list of opponents reads like a future hall of fame reunion, and his brutal style of hunting for finishes at all times still looks impressive in replays today.

How Old is Martin Kampmann?

Martin Kampmann was born on X in X. He is X years old as of 2022.

Martin Kampmann Family

Not much has been published about Martin Kampmann’s family. He’s a private person, but it is known that he is married with two sons.

How Much is Martin Kampmann Worth?

Martin Kampmann’s net worth is not public information. It’s unknown how much Kampmann collected for his many UFC victories in total.

How Tall is Martin Kampmann?

Kampman is about average height for a middleweight, standing at 6’0” tall.

How Much Does Martin Kampmann Weigh? 

Martin Kampmann competed most frequently at middleweight, which is 185 pounds, or about 77 kg.

Martin Kampmann Fight List

Martin Kampmann had almost 30 fights as a professional mixed martial artist and many more before that in smaller, regional promotions. There’s a summary of the UFC highlights above, and you can take a look at his biggest accomplishments in the sport below:

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martin kampmann weight

Ultimate Fighting Championship

  • 2x Fight of the Night (vs. Carlos Condit & Diego Sanchez)
  • Knockout of the Night (vs. Jake Ellenberger)
  • 2x Submission of the Night (vs. Drew McFedries & Thiago Alves)
  • 11-6 in the UFC

Cage Warriors Fighting Championship

  • 1x CWFC Middleweight Champion
  • One CWFC Championship defense
  • 9-1 record as a professional

Nordic MMA Awards

  • 2012 Submission of the Year (vs. Thiago Alves)

Martin Kampmann's Best Fight of All Time

It’s almost impossible to guess what Martin would name as his best moment in the octagon as a mixed martial artist, but for our money it’s the final win of his career against Jake Ellenbberger on the finale of The Ultimate Fighter 15. 

After an incredible season filled with awesome performances, Kampmann faced off against a legend in Ellenberger. The first round was a fast paced exchange that looked to be anyones fight, and so it came as a small surprise when Kampmann got Ellenberger to the canvas and finished him with knees for one final TKO in the UFC. 

This victory earned him a bonus for Knockout of the night and came immediately on the heels of his previous Submission of the Night against Thaigo Alves. We’d say this ranks as a great set of fights in Kampmanns history.

Who Did Martin Kampmann Lose To?

Martin Kampmann was a fearsome competitor in the ring, and won two Fight of the Night bonuses during his long tenure in the UFC. The Irony? He lost both of those fights to big names who could bring out the best in a warrior like Kampmann, Carlos Condit and Diego Sanchez. 

Although he didn’t come out on top in either of these wars, both were savage displays of what Kampmann does best: hunting for the finish. You win some and you lose some, but at least Kampmann did so in extreme style and was awarded for it.

Martin Kampmann Record

Martin Kampmann has an overall professional mixed martial arts record of 20-7, with many of those wins coming in the UFC.

Martin Kampmann Injuries

Kampmanns career was filled with battles where both combatants went out on their shields. He was forced to withdraw from at least two fights in the UFC, being replaced by Matt Brown in one instance and Jake Ellenberger in another.

Is Martin Kampmann Retired?

Martin Kampman retired from mixed martial arts in 2016 and has been hard at work as a coach ever since. In addition to his work in the sport, he also competed heavily in WSOP events after learning to play texas hold ‘em poker from a professional friend.

When he’s not coaching the next generation of UFC fighters or going all-in on a pair of aces, Kampmann can be found putting some of his striking system down on video for others to benefit from. He teamed up with Dynamic Striking to create “The Offensive MMA Clinch”. In this series, you’ll learn to clinch with purpose so that your grips have meaning and your offense has a goal. Don’t miss out on a chance to learn from one of the most exciting fighters in UFC history, Martin Kampmann.

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