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Matt Goddard: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Matt Goddard: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Matt Goddard?

Matt Goddard is a retired, undefeated lightweight boxer from England who competed from 2012 to 2014. After being forced into an early retirement around twenty years old, he’s now known more famously as “The Boxing Locker” on YouTube, where he advocates a healthy lifestyle and focuses his content on all things boxing. Matt is also a well-respected and internationally-known boxing coach. He now focuses on teaching with the same fire and intensity that he brought to the ring as an undefeated pro.

What this article covers:

Matt began to train in boxing when he was young; only eleven years old. He won an amateur title before turning eighteen. Upon turning 18 he was old enough to turn pro, and did so immediately. Goddard won seven convincing fights from 2012 to 2014, and was seemingly on his way to becoming a superstar in the sport when tragedy struck.

Goddard was born with a genetic malformation in his eyes that damaged the tissue beyond surgical repair. Throughout his childhood he had experienced bouts of blurry vision, but they accelerated dramatically after years of boxing. 

Matt went to see a specialist who told him that a genetic problem had caused his eyes to form with unhealthy tissue in them, and that repeated trauma from boxing would inevitably cost him his vision, probably sooner than later. Faced with a really tough choice, Goddard Hung up the gloves.

For many, the story might stop there, but for Goddard it was just the beginning. He looked at this new challenge as just one more opponent in the larger game of life and you might say that he’s continued undefeated due to the run of professional successes he’s already experienced as a coach.

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Matt Goddard weight

Goddard owns and operates his own website, a youtube channel where he goes by the moniker of “The Boxing Locker”, and a massively successful instagram page dedicated to coaching and training boxers. His story is an internet-fueld version of Teddy Atlas’ back injury or John Danaher’s crippled leg; both men went on to revolutionize their sports as coaches. As he approaches just thirty years old, Matt is poised to join the host of legendary trainers who have rallied from personal injury to become the top of their field.

How Old is Matt Goddard?

We’re not exactly sure how old Goddard is, but he’s young. He couldn’t have been much over the boxing standard of 18 years old when turning pro in 2012. That number places Goddard in his late 20s.

Matt Goddard Family

Goddard keeps things to boxing when he’s in the public eye. There aren’t too many details of his family out there.

How Much is Matt Goddard Worth?

Matt Goddard’s net worth is not public information, but his follower counts are: He’s got a youtube channel, The Boxing Locker, that’s approaching the two hundred thousand subscriber mark; to say nothing of the views from non-subscribers as well. You read that right: 200,000! That number may sound huge, but it’s only a fraction of his larger Instagram following, which is knocking on the door to 300,000 followers on a single platform.

How Tall is Matt Goddard?

Matt Goddard is 5 foot 11 inches tall, making him very tall and long for the lightweight class he was in.

How Much Does Matt Goddard Weigh? 

Matt Goddard competed at lightweight, which is most often 126 pounds, or 57 kg.

Matt Goddard Fight List

Matt was undefeated as a pro boxer, and that’s all that counts! Check out his awesome record below:

  • April 20th, 2012: Win vs. Pavels Senkovs to move to 1-0
  • July 6th, 2012: Win vs. Dan Naylor to move to 2-0
  • November 30th, 2012: Win vs. Marc Callaghan to move to 3-0
  • February 23rd, 2013: Win vs. Billy Smith to move to 4-0
  • June 15th, 2013: Win vs. Radoslav Mitev to move to 5-0
  • September 21, 2013: Win vs. Julius Rafael to move to 6-0
  • March 22nd, 2014: Win vs. Arek Malek to move to 7-0

Matt Goddard's Best Fight of All Time

Even for a boxer with a career cut short by misfortune, it’s still hard to identify a single best moment. In such a short career, though, the first win had to be validating beyond belief! When Matt stepped into the ring against Pavels Senkovs in April of 2012, he was looking to prove to both himself and the world that he belonged in the pros. No doubt he did: he won six more fights before retiring undefeated due to a genetic condition.

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Matt Goddard age

Who Did Matt Goddard Lose To?

Matt Goddard no doubt experienced losses, even in his short amateur career, but what counts is your pro record. As a pro? Goddard looked amazing in every one of his seven outings and retired at 7-0 due to a genetic malformation of his eye tissue.

Matt Goddard Record

Matt Goddard has an overall professional boxing record of 7-0. Unfortunately, that’s it for professional bouts. His career was cut short by a genetic problem with the tissue in his eyes and he now coaches for a living.

Matt Goddard Injuries

Matt Goddard is still a young guy but he was forced to retire as an undefeated professional almost eight years ago, in 2015. Although the repeated trauma from combat sports, and especially boxing, can take a toll on athletes. Goddard, however, was just unlucky from birth.

Throughout his time growing up and while competing as an amateur boxer, Matt had struggled with blurry vision that came and went. As a boxer, he was required to pass a vision test before each fight to help the commission sanction the professional action.

After the seriousness of the condition increased in 2015, Goddard went to see a specialist who essentially told him that the tissue inside his eyes was fundamentally damaged from birth, and that continuing boxing would cost him his vision; it wasn't a matter of if, but of when.

Given this new and disturbing development, Goddard made the incredibly mature choice to hang up the gloves as his professional career was just getting underway. We’ll always wonder what might have been in a world where Goddard’s eyes were good and his career was allowed to progress, but we’re incredibly thankful to have received the gift of such a young, talented coach already dedicated to the craft because of life’s curveballs.

There’s no doubt that Matt will continue to develop into one of the best coaches on the planet with the same tenacity that had already led him to become one of the best boxers around.

Although grappling injuries are quite normal, Matt Goddard has not been public with any major problems that have cost him time on the mat.

Is Matt Goddard Retired?

Matt Goddard retired from professional Boxing as a 7-0 undefeated fighter. He was forced to do so early in his career due to a genetic eye condition that, mixed with boxing trauma, would cost him his vision. The boxing community opened its arms and welcomed this young prodigy to the coaching side of things well before his natural time, and it’s already started to pay off.

Forced to give up professional competition, Matt started his own website and blog, mattgoddardfitness.com, to help connect his coaching business to more people. Here, he shares not just his passion for combat sports and, in particular, boxing, but he also helps people live out a lifestyle that is complimentary, including nutrition, goal setting, and disciplined routines. 

After he began this business, Goddard also started a boxing channel on YouTube, called “The Boxing Locker”, where he covers all kinds of topics from training, to pro fights, to drama in the fight game. What began as a backup plan has ballooned for the young man: he now boats almost 180,000 followers on The Boxing Locker YouTube channel.

Shortly after starting this YouTube channel, Matt also began to promote himself on instagram. He began with a few posts about self improvement, fitness, and boxing, and has seen this platform skyrocket to somewhere just south of 300,000 followers. It’s inspiring to see a young person turn their personal tragedy into a successful business and platform that can help others!

In addition to his awesome work as a social media entrepreneur and online coach, he’s lent his talents to us at Dynamic Striking as well. You can now find Matt’s incredibly detailed oriented offering, “Upgrading Your Defensive Skillset” in our library on the site. Make sure to check it out for a chance to hear tips from an undefeated professional boxer and coaching superstar Matt Goddard today.

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