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Micah Brown: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Micah Brown: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Micah Brown?

Micah Brown, or “Coach Micah B.” as he is known both professionally and on social media, is a Muay Thai and MMA striking coach best known for creating instructional content and distributing it through his internet channels. Through his time in the sport, he has had the chance to train side by side with some of the top talent in the world, including former UFC champion Anderson Silva.

What this article covers:

Brown has worked hard to build his following on social media, and he has managed to do just that in a few short years. His accounts are now followed by many of the biggest names in the sport, including World Champions such as Silva, Caleb Plant, and Israel Adesanya.

Learn THE ART OF THE FEINT from MMA trainer and coach Micah Brown and DynamicStriking.com!

micah brown age

Coach Micah B. is the founder and owner of Wave Combat Sports, which is located in Tacoma, Washington. It’s here that the coach trains full time and films content to spread his knowledge of the sport to others. When he’s on the mats and in the ring, the coach is training with some of the top talent in the UFC, the Glory kickboxing organization, and OneFC.

Dynamic Striking continues to push our brand by sourcing top talent like Coach Micah B. and helping them film their techniques to spread to the masses. He’s filmed his first product “The Art of the Feint” with us and has plenty more knowledge in store when he has a chance to put some more down on film.

In addition to his personal training, his coaching, running his business, and maintaining a social media presence, Coach Micah B. also hosts a podcast dedicated to discussing mixed martial arts in all its forms, called Fun-Cussion.

The show spends its time focused on the hottest topics from the MMA world, including current fights, interviews with top talent, and hot takes on the biggest issues in the sport. He’s had many notable guests, including fighters like rising superstar Calvin Kattar and longtime UFC veteran Jimi Manuwa. 

Recent topics have included the return of Nick Diaz, the Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva boxing match, and the controversial topic of movement coaching. Whether it’s current events or lasting topics, Fun-Cussion takes them head on in concise, hour long segments designed to bring you what you need to know to stay current in the MMA conversation.

He’s also been known to feature guests from the broader MMA world, such as Connor McGreggors one-time coach, Ido Portal. Whether it’s a breakdown of the latest fight, an opinion on UFC rankings, or general discussions of the sport, Coach Micah has you covered on his podcast.

Coach Micah B. considers himself a “global instructor” and, given his more than 100,000 followers on social media, we tend to agree. He’s made a name for himself by distributing his content primarily online and, in doing so, become a go-to source of striking instruction for many athletes and top competitors around the world.

How Old is Micah Brown?

Micah Brown was born on March 18th of 1992. He is 30 years old as of his birthday in March 2022.

Learn THE ART OF THE FEINT from MMA trainer and coach Micah Brown and DynamicStriking.com!

micah brown weight

Micah Brown Family

Not much has been published about Micah Brown’s family. He maintains a private life, preferring to focus on the sport when interviewed.

How Much is Micah Brown Worth?

Micah Brown’s net worth is not public information. He has over 100,000 followers on social media and also runs his own MMA gym. It’s called Wave Combat Sports and it’s located in Tacoma, Washington 

How Tall is Micah Brown?

Coach Micah B. is a coach, but not a professional competitor. His height hasn’t been published for competition. 

How Much Does Micah Brown Weigh? 

Micah Brown hasn’t weighed in for a professional competition before but, based on his size in pictures, he’s somewhere around a middleweight.

Micah Brown Fight List

Coach Micah B. isn’t a fighter himself. Instead, he’s dedicated his professional life to coaching. That’s not to say he doesn’t train, however. Indeed, Micah mixes it up with pros of the highest level and continues to host top level talent in his gym whenever possible. His instructionals have gone out to thousands, and his impact on the game is huge.

Micah Brown's Best Fight of All Time

Micah Brown wasn’t a fighter himself, so there’s no “best fight” to identify.

Who Did Micah Brown Lose To?

Micah Brown is undefeated… but this largely thanks to the fact that he is not a professional fighter. Coach B. is an instructor.

Micah Brown Record

Because Coach Micah B. didn’t compete professionally, we don’t have a record to display here.

Learn THE ART OF THE FEINT from MMA trainer and coach Micah Brown and DynamicStriking.com!

micah brown bio

Micah Brown Injuries

Although grappling injuries are quite normal, Micah Brown has not been public with any major problems that have cost him time in the ring or the gym. He has repeatedly discussed the importance of staying injury free on his podcast, Fun-Cussion.

Is Micah Brown Retired?

Micah Brown did not have a professional fighting career to retire from, and he’s still very active as a coach and as the owner of Wave Combat Sports, in Tacoma, Washington.

Beyond just coaching in person, Micah Brown is also a producer of instructional content that spreads his knowledge of the game to others. He has teamed up with Dynamic Striking to create the excellent “The Art of the Feint”, which covers the importance of one of striking’s most overlooked weapons.

Learn how to turn subtle head movements and feints into powerful tools to open up your opponent to strikes, disrupt their rhythm, and begin working your offensive cycles. Surprisingly, you’ll learn that even your footwork can serve as a feint, tricking your opponent into making wrong moves. If you’re looking to up your striking skills, look no further than social media sensation and peer to the pros, Coach Micah B.

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