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Billy Fonua: Records, Net Worth, Weight, Age, and More!

Billy Fonua: Records, Net Worth, Weight, Age, and More!

Who Is Billy Fonua?

Billy Fonua is a Muay Thai coach. He is most well known for coaching and working with Tony Ferguson and AJ Matthews. Fonua teaches and sells instructional videos on BJJ Fanatics that are most well known as “Billy Steps.” Fonua teaches highly popular moves in these instructional clips such as the forward elbow and switch kicks. 

What This Article Covers:

According to Facebook, Billy Fonua studied at Texas Tech and Frank Phillips college. It also mentions that he has three sons. Fonua also seems to have an interest in surfing. For the most part, Fonua lives a fairly private life.

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Billy Fonua age

Billy Fonua has been photographed on several occasions with Tony Ferguson. There are a handful of videos of Fonua and Ferguson training together on several social media sites.  

How Old Is Billy Fonua?

According to social media, Billy Fonua’s birthday falls on July 8th. His age is unknown. 

Billy Fonua’s Early Years!

Not much is known about Billy Fonua’s early life. It is known that he is of Tongan descent.

How Much Is Billy Fonua Worth?

Billy Fonua’s net worth is not known at this time. 

How Tall Is Billy Fonua?

Billy Fonua’s height is not public knowledge at this time. It can be assumed he is taller than 5 foot 11 inches because he stands taller than Tony Ferguson. 

How Much Does Billy Fonua Weigh?

Billy Fonua has not made his weight public at this time. 

Billy Fonua's Fight List!

Billy Fonua has not had any public fights at this time. Most of his work has been coaching Muay Thai to MMA fighters. The most notable fighter is Tony Ferguson.

Billy Fonua's Best Fight of All Time!

While Billy Fonua doesn’t have any public fights at this time, it is noteworthy to mention his instructional video “Billy Steps: Footwork Mastery for Striking Arts by Billy Fonua and AJ Matthews.” You can find his instructional on the BJJ Fanatics web page. In this instructional you can find tons of modern techniques in dynamic striking.

Check out BILLY STEPS from striking master Billy Fonua from Dynamic Striking!

Billy Fonua weight

Who Did Billy Fonua Lose To?

Billy Fonua has no public record of any professional or non-professional fights at this time. It is not known if Billy Fonua has ever personally competed.

Billy Fonua's Record!

While Billy Fonua does not have a personal record, it should be noted that Tony Ferguson was personally training with Fonua when he was on his winning streak in the UFC somewhere between 2013 through 2019. Some fans have attributed Ferguson’s technique to Billy Fonua’s coaching. 

Billy Fonua has also collaborated with and coached Bellator’s AJ Matthews. 

Billy Fonua's Injuries!

Billy Fonua has had no notable injuries. 

Is Billy Fonua Retired?

As of today, there is no public record of Billy Fonua participating in any competitions. Although, with the release of his instructional video in 2022 that he created with AJ Matthews, it seems as if Billy Fonua is still training and coaching to date. 

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