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Beneil Dariush: Records, Net Worth, Weight, Age, and More!

Beneil Dariush: Records, Net Worth, Weight, Age, and More!

Who Is Beneil Dariush?

Beneil Khobier Dariush is an elite mixed martial artist focused on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. He currently fights in the UFC in the lightweight division. Beneil Dariush received his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Romulo Barral and Bruno Paulista within the short span of five years. In Muay Thai, he received his black belt from Rafael Cordeiro. Dariush was first recognized in the martial arts community with his impressive performance in IBJJF and other Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitions. He held world championships in blue, purple, and brown belt divisions, showcasing his exceptional skills in the octagon and his expertise in mixed martial arts.

What This Article Covers:

Beneil Dariush now holds 21 wins in MMA. 13 of his fights being won while fighting in UFC. Other competitions he found success within include Respect in the Cage and High Fight Rock 2. Dariush won his first MMA fight by decision in November 2009 against Jordan Betts at Respect in the Cage 2. He would come back next year to Respect in the Cage to defeat Vance Bejarano with a rear-naked choke. 

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In August of 2020, Beneil faced off against Scott Holtzman during UFC Fight Night: Lewis vs. Oleinik. Beneil dominated Holtzman with a spinning back fist and ultimately won with a KO. In Dariush’s next fight with the UFC, he faced Carlos Ferreira on UFC Fight Night: Overeem vs. Volkov. Both fighters made it to round three, resulting in Dariush winning by decision. Dariush’s next opponent will be Mateusz Gamrot on October 22, 2022, in UFC 280.

Beneil Dariush has been on a winning spree, with his seventh win in a row. Dariush has used a large portion of his winnings from these fights to open an orphanage for underprivileged children in Haiti. Dariush completed this personal project in 2020. Dariush had previously been pursuing missionary work in his free time and decided to take it a step further with his passion. He accounts these actions to his Christian faith which he is very open about. 

Along with Beneil Dariush’s personal religious beliefs, he is also very family-oriented. He is currently married to his wife, Victoria, and has two children with her. On Dariush’s Instagram, he posted a picture of his wife and child on June 15, 2021, saying, “I have been waiting my whole life to be a father and I didn’t even know it. I praise God for you, Alva.” He also has made several similar posts about his mother’s birthday and his and his wife’s anniversary, which falls on February 1st. There have even been a few instances where his family, including his children, are present at UFC fight promotional segments. You can see him holding his daughter in a photo he posted on Instagram on September 26, 2021, while he is at a promotional event. Dariush's Instagram posts also occasionally feature content related to his ground game, takedowns, and technique in the sport.

How Old Is Beneil Dariush?

Beneil Dariush is currently 33 years old. He was born in Urmia, Iran on May 6, 1989. 

Beneil Dariush’s Early Years!

Beneil Dariush was born in Urmia, Iran where he was raised on a farm with his family. The village, Juntapa, that he lived in was very small, claiming that less than 2,000 people lived there. He grew up a farmer until the age of 9, when he moved to the United States. He was alienated from other children because he was unable to speak English for a period of time. He would only start to learn some English around six months after moving to the United States. This led him to spending a lot of time with his cousins and other family members. This made him become very close with his sister, having shared this journey with each other. 

How Much Is Beneil Dariush Worth?

Since becoming such a successful fighter in UFC, Beneil Dariush is estimated to have a net worth of $1.2 million. UFC 267 was his most lucrative fight, nearly accruing $435,000. That night he earned two bonuses, one for his win and one for being the fight of the night. 

How Tall Is Beneil Dariush?

Beneil Dariush is 5 ft 10in (178 cm).

How Much Does Beneil Dariush Weigh?

Beneil Dariush is estimated to weigh around 155 lb (70 kg). This sets him in the lightweight category for UFC. During Dariush’s BJJ competition days he was known to even compete in the absolute division including the 2009 and 2010 No Gi World Championships.

Beneil Dariush's Fight List!

Beneil Dariush has found much success in both grappling and MMA. In his earlier years of fighting, he has grappled and won many Jiu Jitsu competitions including the Pan American Championship 2009 in the blue belt division and World No Gi Championships 2008, 2009, and 2010. He is most well known for his prestigious opportunities in the UFC now. He has been given the award of Performance of the Night  four times against Daron Cruickshank, Drew Dober, Frank Camacho, and Drakkar Klose. He has also earned Fight of the Night against Carlos Diego Ferreira in 2021. He then competed against other professional MMA fighters including Tony Ferguson, Thiago Moises, and James Vick. He is set to fight Mateusz Gamrot on October 22, 2022 for UFC 280. 

Beneil Dariush's Best Fight of All Time!

UFC 248 was one of the most memorable fights for Beneil Dariush. During the first round, Dariush and Drakkar Klose exchanged some exciting moves. Klose was able to land an impressive right-handed strike on Dariush. In return, Dariush started to attack Klose’s back, digging into his neck. The second round is where the real heat started to rise. From standing positions, Dariush landed a match-ending right hand on Klose. The entire crowd, including the commentators, lost their minds. Daniel Cormier fell into Joe Rogan’s shoulder, holding onto his head in utter disbelief. This victory in UFC 248 is considered to be a gem and just proves Dariush’s raw skill.

Who Did Beneil Dariush Lose to?

Out of Beneil Dariush’s professional career in MMA, he has competed 26 times and only lost four times. Three of them were by knockout and one was by submission. 

On April 11, 2014, Beneil Dariush lost to Ramsey Nijem by TKO during UFC Fight Night: Nogueira vs. Nelson during the first round of the fight. 

On April 16, 2016, Michael Chiesa submitted Dariush during UFC on Fox: Teixeira vs. Evans in the second round. 

On March 11, 2017, Edson Barboza was able to win by KO against Dariush with a flying knee attack during the second round. This took place on UFC Fight Night: Belfort vs. Gastelum. 

On March 3, 2018, Beneil Dariush lost by KO against Alexander Hermandez on UFC 222 in the first forty-two seconds of round one. 

Beneil Dariush also had one match that ended in a draw with Evan Dunham. This was a majority decision that took place on October 7, 2017 on UFC 216. 

Beneil Dariush's Record!

Beneil Dariush has accrued many awards as a professional fighter and grappler. This includes his performance within the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world and the MMA community. 

As a professional MMA fighter: 

He has fought 26 matches. He won five by knockout, eight by submission, and 8 by decision. Dariush lost three of the matches by knockout, and one by submission. He has only had one match end with a draw.

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Beneil Dariush's Injuries!

Around February of 2022, Beneil Dariush was forced to withdraw from his match against Islam Makhachev due to him breaking his fibula. He injured his leg during a training session. He had the opportunity to have surgery to fix it but he decided to pass on that. This injury was highly upsetting according to Dariush. To combat his worries he decided to get physical therapy to try and stop his ankle from becoming weak. The doctors said at that point the injury would take six to eight weeks to heal. 

Is Beneil Dariush Retired?

Beneil Dariush is currently a contender for UFC. He currently is part of the Kings MMA located in Huntington Beach, California. There had been a time he considered retiring because of all the injuries he was amassing. He started to focus on his health and physical therapy which is keeping him in the ring. 

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