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Gaston Bolanos: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Gaston Bolanos: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Gaston Bolanos?

Gaston Bolanos, also known as ‘The Dreamkiller’, is a professional MMA fighter, Muay Thai Fighter, and Kickboxer from Peru. He is currently signed to both Bellator and Lion Fight, and is piling up an impressive stack of professional Mixed Martial Arts victories inside the octagon.

What this article covers:

Bolanos started out Muay Thai in his home country of Peru at the ‘F-14 School of Champions’, which focuses on striking arts. At just 10 years old, Bolanos’ natural talent and clear athleticism began to show in his training. Due to his extreme promise, Bolanos moved to the United States with his father just three short years later, at the age of 13, to train full time at Combat Sports Academy in Dublin, California.

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gaston bolanos age

From here, he became both a South American and a United States Muay Thai Champoion, claiming the former title twice before moving on to North America. Three more years of international competition on the Muay Thai scene would find the now-16-year-old Bolanos sporting a new and fitting moniker: The Dreamkiller. After his 2008 IFMA World Championship run, Bolanos turned his attention to a full range of combat sports, including kickboxing and MMA.

Bolanos competed heavily as a teenager in amateur Muay Thai and Kickboxing, amassing a combined record of something close to 30-3. Along the way, he knocked out all manner of opponents with his devastatingly powerful striking abilities.

As a professional Muay Thai fighter, Gaston made his debut against Brian Del Rosario on Lion Fight 14. He instantly proved to the onlooking MMA community that his Muay Thai pedigree translated well to the octagon, as he knocked out Rosario with a spinning elbow. This move would go on to become a signature for Bolanos, who uses it to lay opponents flat.

His clear skills in professional Muay Thai soon lended themselves to MMA, as Bolanos was signed to Scott Coker’s promotion, Bellator MMA, in short order. Bolanos debuted against Abner Perez in 2017 and dismissed his opponent via TKO easily within the first round.

Bolanos is only just getting started in MMA, and will likely be a contender in the featherweight division of Bellator for years to come. Given his heavy hands and his meteoric rise to MMA prominence through things like appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience, we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see Gaston wearing a championship belt before long.

How Old is Gaston Bolanos?

Gaston Bolanos was born in Lima, Peru on September 14th of 1992. He is 30 years old as of 2022.

Gaston Bolanos Family

Not much has been published about Gaston Bolanos’s family. He maintains a private life, preferring to focus on the sport when interviewed. It is known that he moved to the United States to pursue professional combat sports with the urging and support of his father, who made the international move together with his son.

How Much is Gaston Bolanos Worth?

Gaston Bolanos’s net worth is not public information, but with his Bellator contract, Bolanos is now approaching the highest tiers of payouts for the fight game. To be sure, the goal is to be a Pay Per View Star, and Bolano is well on his way.

How Tall is Gaston Bolanos?

Gaston Bolanos is average height for the featherweight division, about 5;7”, or 170cm. His reach is a little long for his height, as he boasts a 70.5 inch reach, which is about 179 cm arm length.

How Much Does Gaston Bolanos Weigh? 

Gaston competes as a featherweight in MMA at about 145 pounds. Although weight divisions in Muay Thai and Kickboxing are different, Bolanos stays right in the range of 145 pounds no matter the sport.

Gaston Bolanos Fight List

Gaston Bolanos has competed extensively in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA, and in other sports as well. As a result, his compiled record and fight list is too spread out to collect in one place. He’s competed against something like 50 opponents in professional competition.

Gaston Bolanos's Best Fight of All Time

For a fighter like Gaston Bolanos, it’s hard to pin down one amazing moment in a career full of highlights. His most recent win came against Danile Carey in April of 2022 on the preliminary card of Bellator 277. The two faced off for three, five-minute rounds with Gaston Bolanos named as a moderate favorite in the betting lines (-350). 

After an incredibly dominant first round performance, it looked like Daniel Carey would survive the initial onslaught to see round two, but Bolanos had other plans. After rocking Carey and putting him on his back, Bolanos swarmed his opponent with vicious ground and pound strikes. Quickly, Carey’s chances of seeing the second round diminished. With just a single second left in round one, Bolanos connected with a right hook from the ground that took Carey out of the match with authority.

Who Did Gaston Bolanos Lose To?

Gaston Bolanos has also lost some matches in a career as long as his. One of his earliest losses as pro also came to the man who gave him his best win: Daniel Carey. In September of 2019 Gaston Bolanos and Daniel Carey were slated to face off at Bellator 226 for their first 15-minute contest of three rounds.

Carey got off to a fast start and was able to put pressure on Bolanos in round one. Although Gaston fought hard, Carey was able to catch his neck tightly in a guillotine choke in the final minute of the very first round, forcing the referee to stop the action.

As mentioned above, Gaston took this loss back with a 1st round ground and pound knockout of Carey three years later on Bellator 277. It remains to be seen if the two fighters will complete the trilogy; it’s a fight we’d love to see in 2023.

Gaston Bolanos Record

Gaston Bolanos’ record is split up amon many sports, but his professional MMA record is clear: 6-3. It has been said that Bolanos was 8-0 as a professional kickboxer and 26-3 as a Muay Thai competitor. 

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Gaston Bolanos Injuries

Although many fighters suffer major injuries requiring significant time off, Bolanos has stayed relatively healthy. To the contrary: opponents who step in the ring with Bolanos often sustain injuries in the cage. Three of his professional bouts have ended in injury: Malcom Hill suffered a broken leg from kicks, Tyler Toner’s corner threw in the towel due to injuries, and Damian Early lost with an eye injury. Bolanos is a fearsome, violent fighter in the cage.

Is Gaston Bolanos Retired?

Bolanos is far from retired, and has many more knockouts ahead of him. He continues to dominate striking contests and MMA bouts and is actively signed to both Bellator MMA and Lion Fight Muay Thai. It remains to be seen how high he will climb, but we’re expecting Bolanos to challenge for the title in Lion Fight before long. With time, he may do the same in Bellator.

Beyond terrifying opponents with nightmares of his spinning elbows in competition, Gaston Bolanos is also a producer of instructional content that spreads his knowledge of the game to others. He has teamed up with Dynamic Striking to create a comprehensive introduction to Muay Thai, with his excellent “Muay Thai Basic for MMA”. In this volume, you’ll learn to use not only your hands and feet, but your elbows and knees as well. Together, these eight weapons define Muay Thai and offer a new dimension to your standup game. Make sure to check out these tips from Gaston today.

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