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George Hickman: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

George Hickman: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is George Hickman?

George Hickman is a professional MMA coach and former fighter who was a nationally ranked college wrestler before turning to Mixed Martial Arts. He trained alongside some of the most successful UFC Champions in the game at Tiger Muay Thai, where he also coached professionally. Although he has now switched camps, George, along with his brother Frank, remains one of the top coaches for up-and-coming MMA fighters.

What this article covers:

George was born in Castle Hayne, North Carolina and was a successful high school wrestler long before discovering Mixed Martial Arts. Wrestling taught George to compete, and he and his brother Frank did so early and very often, even by wrestling standards. Where most high school wrestlers manage to see over 100 bouts, the younger Frank finished high school with an insane record of 201-23. George himself was named state champion three times and was a national finalist four times. 

College was no different for the young superstars. Both attended Bloomsburg University together in Pennsylvania in the nation’s top division, D1. George was again ranked nationally as a senior, this time in the top 20 among collegiate wrestlers.

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george hickman age

After college, the brothers continued living together and moved at once to Atlanta where they began down slightly different career paths. George tried to capitalize on his wrestling pedigree and became a professional MMA fighter. Although he started out on Phoenix FC and other regional promotions, George found his way to Bellator quickly and, in the course of just five years, fought to a nine win, three loss record as a pro. Frank took a ‘real job’ in the finance world.

During the course of his MMA career, George made a radical choice to move across the ocean to Phuket, Thailand to train at the world-famous gym, Tiger Muay Thai. There he met many fighters who influenced him including future UFC Champions Alexander Volkanovski & Israel Adesanya. His visit to Thailand turned permanent when George accepted a position as assistant MMA coach before eventually replacing MMA (and street) legend Roger Huerta as head coach of the Mixed Martial Arts program. After one last MMA victory in 2016 brought him to a respectable career mark of 9-3, George retired from fighting to become a full-time professional coach.

In an awesome turn of events, Frank got tired of the finance industry at the same time George turned his full efforts to coaching. Who better than to start off a coaching career with than the brother with whom you learned everything that you know about wrestling? Frank sold his car, moved to Thailand, and the Hickman Brothers began a name for themselves as wrestling coaches.

After about five years of making a name for themselves working with UFC stars like Petr Yan and others, they decided to split from Tiger Muay Thai and create their own brand: Bangtao Muay Thai & MMA. They still live, teach, and operate in Thailand.

Aside from the success of their training partners Volkanovski, Adesanya, and Yan, the brothers have begun to create a new generation of fighters with their quiet influence. Longtime UFC veteran Dan Hooker, fan-favorite Brad Ridell, and rising female strawweight star Loma Lookboonmee are all products of the combined genius of George and Frank Hickman. 

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george hickman weight

Expect big things from these brothers who are grappling and MMA masterminds with a lifetime of competition experience, major connections to the UFC, and a stable of rising stars in MMA, Muay Thai, and other combat sports. 

How Old is George Hickman?

George Hickman was born on November 11th of 1985. He is 36 years old as of 2022.

George Hickman Family

Geroge Hickman’s story is tied to his brother Frank’s, and we think that’s awesome. George is the older brother and competed in professional MMA, both were nationally ranked collegiate wrestlers, both coached at Tiger Muay Thai, and both now own and operate Bangtao Muay Thai in the city of Phuket.

How Much is George Hickman Worth?

George Hickman’s net worth is not public information. He made good money for an MMA fighter when competing in Bellator and coaching at one of the world’s most well-known and successful MMA gyms. Now, he owns and operates his own gym that is well on its way to churning out champions.

How Tall is George Hickman?

George Hickman is tall for the featherweight division, but has a short reach for his size. He stands 5’9, but his reach is only 68 inches.

How Much Does George Hickman Weigh? 

George Hickman competed in MMA featherweight, and weighed in for his last fight at 143.7 pounds.

George Hickman Fight List

As a grappler, George Hickman has had far too many bouts to list them all here. There were hundreds of bouts in highschool alone, added to a laundry list of college matches, enhanced by an unknown number of amateur showings, and topped off with 12 pro fights.

George Hickman's Best Fight of All Time

For a fighter like George Hickman, it’s hard to pin down one moment as the single ‘best’, but his final match had to be a sweet victory. In December 2016, Hickman was contemplating retirement and wondering about his next steps. 

He’d worked in dual roles as a coach and a fighter and just recently decided to give up professional fighting, leaving a single bout standing between him and his future. George dominated a 15-minute contest at Phoenix FC 1 to claim his final victory over Matt Sayles. Although it was a decision win, Hickman had proved something to both himself and to future students of his gym.

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Who Did George Hickman Lose To?

Hickman is a phenomenal wrestler and striker and has a tremendous amount of experience with both, but he did experience some trouble in the cage against jiu jitsu in the summer of 2016. Hickman was set to face Kleber Koike Erbst in Rebel FC 4, and managed to perform well for two rounds. Unfortunately, in the final round, Erbst was able to sneak in a classic submission from Brazilian art: the triangle choke.

George Hickman Record

As an MMA Fighter, George Hickman’s record is : 9-3-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)

George Hickman Injuries

Although MMA has a reputation for being rough on the body, the Thai’s have a reputation for sparring in a playful way that encourages daily training without destroying the body. George didn’t spend time knocking heads in gym smokers; instead, he focused his training in a smart way and never experienced any major time off due to injury.

Is George Hickman Retired?

George Hickman retired from professional competition in 2016, sort of. He no longer competes as a fighter, but he maintains a close connection to the highest levels of MMA and Muay Thai by coaching and cornering some of the best up-and-comers in both sports, including UFC athletes. We can expect George and Frank Hickman to continue doing what they’ve been doing together for well over 20 years: winning.

Beyond coaching in person, George Hickman is also a great coach on film. He creates instructional content to spread his knowledge of the game. He teamed up with Dynamic Striking to create a series tailored on merging striking with wrestling in his series “Dominating with MMA Wrestling”. In this volume, Hickman breaks down what it takes to adapt your wrestling skills to an MMA Context, where the footwork and threat of strikes make things more challenging. If you’ve ever wanted to improve your combination of standup and grappling, Hickman has the ticket. 

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