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Glenn Holmes: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Glenn Holmes: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Glenn Holmes?

Glenn Holmes is an English boxing trainer, fitness coach, and business entrepreneur who was also one of the founding members of the Box ‘N Burn fitness gym in Los Angeles. Glenn has multiple fitness and training certifications, and is also certified by the Onnit Academy to teach foundational skills, kettlebells, and battle ropes. Holmes is also a co-owner and co-founder of the Boxing Fitness Academy.

Holmes has said that he’s been involved in sports his entire life, from a very early age when he first became interested. He began learning to box and training to run competitively for distance in 2007, shortly after he first decided to move from the United Kingdom to the United States. Glenn’s passion is in helping others achieve their best through his various platforms.

About five years after moving to the United States, Glenn Holmes collaborated to help establish one of the Los Angeles fitness scene’s premier locations: Box ‘N Burn. The gym is a collaboration between Holmes, a ‘founding coach’ and co-founders and owners Tony Jeffries and Kevan Watson. 

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Glenn Holmes age

When they got together, Tony Jeffries was an olympian and decorated boxer who had worked with Glenn Holmes and Kevan Watson, a career boxing manager and trainer. Their combination of Jeffries’ professional pedigree, Watson’s gym management experience, and Holmes’ coaching and fitness background made for a perfect business partnership. Four years later, in 2016, Box ‘N Burn had won multiple awards from Yelp and other business review sites for it’s excellent boxing classes.

After years of running Box ‘N Burn in person, Holmes came up with the idea of having Box ‘N Burn Online academy where people can receive coaching and boxing certifications online without ever having to travel in person, much like the well-known Gracie University does for Jiu Jitsu. From here, he shares his experience and knowledge from years in the training game with others looking to improve their skills as a trainer or as a boxer.

Holmes never fought professionally; he is a different breed. A marketing genius, Holmes has spent his career helping others to develop through seminars and certifications offered both online and in-person. Glenn has perfected his craft of training boxers and even worked with DynamicStriking.com in order to create some instructionals for others to learn from.

Holmes has all manner of certifications in fitness, boxing, and relevant safety and CPR.

How Old is Glenn Holmes?

Glenn Holmes didn’t compete professionally, so many of these details are unknown. He finished high school in the UK around 2000, so Holmes is in his early forties. 

Glenn Holmes Family

Not much has been published about Glenn Holmes’s family. He maintains a private life, preferring to focus on the sport or on his many business ventures when speaking publicly.

How Much is Glenn Holmes Worth?

Glenn Holmes’s net worth is not public information.

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Glenn Holmes weight

How Tall is Glenn Holmes?

Glenn Holmes isn’t a competitor, so his height isn’t recorded.

How Much Does Glenn Holmes Weigh? 

Glenn Holmes hasn’t weighed in for professional competition in the past.

Glenn Holmes Fight List

Glenn hasn’t had the occasion to compete professionally; his fight list is a sprawling record of accomplishments earned by those whom he has coached in his capacity as a fitness trainer and boxing instructor.

Glenn Holmes's Best Fight of All Time

Holmes was not a professional fighter, but a coach, trainer, and businessperson.

Who Did Glenn Holmes Lose To?

Because he is an entrepreneur and fitness trainer by trade, Glenn has no losses on his fight record.

Glenn Holmes Record

Holmes doesn’t have an official professional fight record because he is a trainer and a coach, not a competitor.

Acclaimed boxing coach Glenn Holmes has joined forces with DynamicStriking.com to share MITTWORK AND COACHING MASTERY!  Grab your copy here!

Glenn Holmes bio

Glenn Holmes Injuries

Holmes works hard to help others keep their bodies strong through a clear regimen of fitness and technique that avoids unnecessary explosiveness in favor of steady, repeatable movements.

Is Glenn Holmes Retired?

Glenn Holmes is far from retired as a businessperson, and likely has many business ventures and video products ahead of him. He’s already started a few businesses to spread boxing technique’s online to people with certifications that can be taken digitally. Beyond running several businesses and being a fitness trainer, Glenn Holmes also spends a lot of time recording instructionals to share his boxing techniques with coaches and athletes around the world. 

Recently, Glenn teamed up with Dynamic Striking to create a comprehensive introduction to holding pads and organizing a training regimen, with his excellent “Mittwork and Coaching Mastery”. In this volume, you’ll learn to bring the best out of your athletes by improving your routines with the goal of building more footwork, balance, and power. Take this master class from a world-renowned coach to bring your teaching skills to the next level.

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