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Lorenzo Hunt: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Lorenzo Hunt: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Lorenzo Hunt?

Lorenzo "The Juggernaut" Hunt is an American boxer and former MMA fighter who currently competes under the bareknuckle boxing promotion BKFC and at the time of writing is currently both the cruiserweight and the Light heavyweight champion in that promotion. Lorenzo first started competing in Amateur MMA back in 2013, where he had his first fight against Paquito DeJesus and won in the second round by KO. 

What this article covers:

From there Loprenzo would continue his amateur career into 2015 with a total of 8 fights with 6 wins and 2 losses before he officially turned pro in November of 2015 at RFC 35 against Garrick James winning the fight by KO in the second round much like he did in his amateur debut. 

Lorenzo then continued to compete in shows across the US in MMA until 2018, when he had his last match in pro-MMA. In 2019 Lorenzo made his debut in bare-knuckle boxing at Dada 5000’s promotion BYB 2: Brawl for it All. There he won via a right uppercut KO. 

From there Lorenzo Hunt would move on to compete in the world's biggest bare-knuckle promotion, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship at BKFC 8: Silva vs. Gonzaga against fellow former MMA fighter Reggie Peña. 

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Lorenzo Hunt age

Since then Lorenzo Hunt has continued to compete under the BKFC banner to this day with the most recent match he had at the time of writing being in October 2022. 

How Old is Lorenzo Hunt

Lorenzo Hunt was born on September 9, 1982. This makes Lorenzo 40 years old at the time of writing. 

Lorenzo Hunt Family

Lorenzo Hunt has a son. 

How Much is Lorenzo Hunt Worth?

Lorenzo Hunt’s net worth in 2022 is currently unknown. 

How Tall is Lorenzo Hunt

Lorenzo Hunt stands at 6 foot 3 inches or 191 centimeteres tall. 

What is Lorenzo Hunt’s Reach? 

Lorenzo Hunt’s official reach is 75 inches or 190 centimeters. 

How Much Does Lorenzo Hunt Weigh?

Lorenzo Hunt currently competes at both cruiserweight and light heavyweight. 

Lorenzo Hunt Fight List

Lorenzo Hunt’s professional fight list starts in 2015 with his debut at RFC 35 with him winning by KO in the second round. Hunt fought again just three months later at RFC 36 and he lost this fight via arm bar in the second round. 

5 months later Lorenzo Hunt comepteed again at RFC 37: No Mercy and got back to winning with a first round KO. 

Lorenzo Hunt would go on to lose his next three pro MMA fights, the frist two both by rear naked choke and the thrid by a unianmous decision. 

Lorenzo would then get his final pro MMA victory at RFC 41: War against Ahmad Hollis winning by KO in the first round. 

Lorenzo Hunt would unfortunately lose his final MMA fight at Art of War Cage Fighting 8 once again by submission, this time in the frist round. 

After this Lorenzo would move away from pro MMA to focus on bare knuckle boxing, making his pro debut in that sport at BYB 2: Brawl for it All in 2019. Lorenzo won this match against Robert Brown then went on to make his debut at BKFC against Reggie Peña. Lorenzo also won this match, this time in the second round via a doctors stopopage.

After this Lorenzo would compete again for BKFC at BKFC 10: Lombard vs. Mundell and have his one and only loss to date in bare knuckle boxing, that being against Gustavo Trujillo losing by KO in the first.

Lorenzo went on to start his current 7 fight win streak with a KO win over Erick Lozano in 2020. For his next match Lorenzo Hunt faced off against Davian Green and finished the fight in the second round.

Lorenzo Hunt then faced off against Rob Morrow and finished him in the second round at BKFC: Knuckle Mania. Lorenzo Hunt then competed at BKFC 17: Tate vs. Burns in 2021, defeating Josh Dyer in the fifth round. After that fight Lorenzo Hunt went on to face fellow former MMA fighter and UFC, as well as Bellator,  alum Hector Lombard and win the fight via unanimous judges' decision after going the distance. 

Lorenzo Hunt continued his win streak against another MMA legend and former UFC fighter in his second most recent bout against Joe Riggs. Lorenzo managed to pick up another finish victory in this fight, winning by punches in the second round. 

In his most recent bout at the time of writing, Lorenzo Hunt fought Quentin Henry at BKFC 30: Hunt vs. Henry in October 2022. Hunt won this fight in dominant fashion with a KO in the third round. 

Who Did Lorenzo Hunt Lose to?

In MMA, Lorenzo Hunt lost to John Garcia, Joseph Creer, Brad Taylor, Michael Lombardo, Joseph Pyfer. 

In Bareknuckle boxing Lorenzo Hunt has only lost to one fighter at the time of writing, that man being Gustavo Trujillo at BKFC 10: Lombard vs. Mundell. 

What is Lorenzo Hunt Record

In Amateur MMA Lorenzo Hunt had a total record of 8 matches with 6 wins and 2 losses. In pro-MMA he had a total of 8 fights with 3 wins and 5 losses.

In pro bare-knuckle boxing Lorenzo Hunt currently has a record of 9 total matches with 8 wins and just one loss. 

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Lorenzo Hunt weight

What Titles Has Lorenzo Hunt Held

Lorenzo Hunt is, at the time of writing, a double champion in BKFC holding both the promotions light heavyweight and Cruiserweight titles. 

Has Lorenzo Hunt Had Any Serious Injuries

Lorenzo Hunt has not had any serious injuries worth mentioning here. 

Is Lorenzo Hunt Retired?

Lorenzo Hunt is retired from pro MMA but he is stil very active as a bareknuckle boxer and currently holds the BKFC cruiserweight and light heavyweight titles. 

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