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Malik Scott King:  Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Malik Scott King: Record, Net Worth, Weight, Age & More!

Who is Malik Scott King?

Dohonna Malik Scott, better known as Malik Scott King is an American Boxing coach, trainer, and former professional boxer who competed from 2000 to 2016. Scott started training in boxing when he was 11 years old. He even started competing in amateur competitions with great success, winning the junior Olympic championships in 1997 when he was 17. Malik also won the American Boxing Classic title and the "Under-19" Junior World Championships crown in 1998. 

What this article covers:

Malik Scott king then went on to win the National AAU Heavyweight Championship in 1999 defeating world champ Michael Bennett and Jason Estrada in the process. In 2000 he beat DaVarryl Williamson and Malcolm Tann but lost to Estrada at the trials and then Bennett in the Olympic box-offs and therefore did not qualify. 

At the end of his amateur career Scott managed to put together a combined record of 70 wins and 3 losses. Scott then turned pro in 2000 and continued to fight until 2016. A bicep injury in 2008 caused him to stay out of competition until 2012. Scott kind had his last fight in November 2016 against Cuban boxer Luis Ortiz in Monaco. The bout lasted all 12 rounds with the judges decision going to Luis Ortiz. 

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Malik Scott King weight

After retiring from competition, Scott moved into the role of a trainer and coach, most notably taking up the role of head coach for former heavyweight champion Deyontay Wilder in 2021. The pair actually fought each other in 2014, with Scott losing the match by first-round KO. 

How Old is Malik Scott King?

Malik Scott King was born on October 16, 1980 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. This makes him 42 years old at the time of writing. 

Malik Scott King  Family

Not much information is available about Malik Scott King’s family

How Much is Malik Scott King Worth?

Malik Scott’s estimated net worth as of 2022 is 1.5$ million dollars 

How Tall is Malik Scott King

Malik Scott King stands at 6 foot 4 inches tall or 1.93 meters tall. 

What is Malik Scott King’s Reach? 

Malik Scott’s reach is 81 inches or 206 centimetres, which makes his reach longer than his height.

How Much Does Malik Scott King Weigh?

Malik Scott King fought at heavyweight during his competitive career 

Malik Scott King Fight List

Malik Scott first turned pro in 2000 and went undefeated for his first 35 fights, Which he fought over the first 12 years of his career. Most of those wins were either finishes or unanimous decisions. 

Malik Scott then fought Ukraine’s Vyacheslav Glazkov in 2013 for his 36th pro bout with the match going to a draw. In the next match after that against Derek Chisora for the vacant WBO International heavyweight title. Scott lost in the sixth round via TKO. 

Scott then went on to make his comeback match against Grover Young and won the match in decisive fashion with a second round TKO. 

Malik Scott then went up against Deyontay Wilder on March 15 in 2014 and in the match ended with Scott getting knocked out in the first round. 

Scott went on to win his next two matches against Alex Leapai and Tony Thompson both by unanimous decision. In his final fight, Scott fought against Luis Ortiz and lost the match by a unanimous decision. 

Who Did Malik Scott King Lose to?

Malik Scott has suffered three losses in his professional career, in order Scott King lost to Derek Chisora, Deontay Wilder and finally Luis Ortiz.

What is Malik Scott King Record

Malik Scott King had a total of 42 professional matches during his career. Out fo those matches he had 38 wins, three losses and one draw. This gives King a total win percentage of 90 percent. 

What Titles Has Malik Scott King Held 

Malik Scott King held several titles in his career including US National Champion in the heavyweight class in 1999 and the Junior Olympics Championships in 1997. 

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Malik Scott King age

Has Malik Scott King Had Any Serious Injuries?

Malik Scott King suffered a bicep tear; an injury that took him out of competition for four years from 2008 to 2012. Malik Scott King also recently suffered an injury while he was coaching Deyontay Wilder during a sparring session with King sustaining a busted eardrum. 

Is Malik Scott King Retired?

Malik Scott King retired from professional boxing competition after his match against Luis Ortiz in 2016. He has since gone on to focus on coaching fighters, including former world heavyweight champion Deyontay Wilder, who he once fought.

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